Mergers and acquisitions integration services

We have the right people, tools, and experience to help you integrate a target successfully and enhance M&A deal value. Our M&A integration professionals can help with standing up the integration management office, synergy identification, operating model design, change management and functional integration.

What EY M&A integration services can do for you

We can help you develop integration strategies and an improved operating model to create more value – whether you’re looking to integrate an established business or digital company, including a startup. Our clients include large cap and middle market organizations, as well as private equity funds.

EY M&A integration services when acquiring digital companies

Special considerations for digital companies, including digital startups

We help traditional companies accelerate and improve the integration of digital companies, including digital startups, by focusing on talent, product and commercial strategies that are unique to digital deals. These companies create customer value through the use of digital technology, and focus on capturing, storing and processing data. They incorporate a technology lens into everything they do to better serve stakeholders. Considerations include:

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    The team

    Brian Salsberg

    EY Global Buy and Integrate Leader

    Passionate acquisition and merger integration leader and aficionado of all things deal-related. Global citizen. World traveler. Husband. Father of two.

    New York, USA

    Sholape Kolawole

    EY-Parthenon Chicago Office Leader

    Finance Transact & Transform leader. Chicago office champion. Avid soccer fan. Creative writer. Married with two teenage boys.

    Chicago, USA

    Elizabeth Kaske

    EY Americas Strategy and Transactions Buy & Integrate Leader

    Focused on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and large-scale transformations. Mother, golfer, runner. Enjoys yoga, wakesurfing and global travel.

    San Francisco, USA

    Matt Bartell

    EY-Parthenon Americas Deal Technology Leader

    Decades of experience in technology and management consulting. Passion for helping clients with complex global transactions.

    New York, USA

    Adolf Unoarumhi

    EY-Parthenon Principal, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

    IT transformation leader and M&A IT advisor. Avid traveler. Deeply involved in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in my community.

    Philadelphia, USA

    Sri Prabhakaran

    EY-Parthenon Principal, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

    Driving value through strategic growth initiatives with a focus on digital business transformations. Avid reader. Organic farming enthusiast.

    Chicago, USA

    William Miller

    EY-Parthenon Partner, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

    Former CIO. Innovator. Frequent author and speaker. Passionate technology leader. Energy sector focused.

    Houston, USA

    John Hauser

    EY Americas Transaction Support – Cyber Due Diligence Leader

    Experienced cyber due diligence advisor. Certified Information Privacy Professional. Former FBI Special Agent. Two-time marathon runner.

    Tysons, USA

    Brian Levine

    Managing Director, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

    Former US Department of Justice cybercrime prosecutor. Musical comedy writer and swing dancer. A proud parent of two.


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