M&A, divestitures and JVs can fuel growth. A clear strategy, sourcing the right deal, sound diligence and smooth integration are crucial.

Our latest M&A thinking

Dealmaking amid uncertain monetary cycles: Lessons from history

The key to proactive dealmaking lies in past trends and in innovative approaches to navigate future economic shifts. Learn more.

21 May 2024 Sri Prabhakaran + 2

M&A outlook signals rebounding US deal market in 2024

Based on economic and market indicators, the latest EY-Parthenon Deal Barometer predicts a rise in deals in the 2024 M&A outlook. Learn more in the report.

10 May 2024 Gregory Daco + 1

How CEOs juggle transformation priorities – the art of taking back control

EY CEO survey highlights how CEOs consider AI transformation, ESG and M&A to navigate between immediate profits and future sustainability aspirations. Read more.

30 Apr 2024 Andrea Guerzoni + 2

Building a corporate unicorn

Learn how to approach digital business by building a unicorn with a venture mindset and succeed with your digital investment.

22 Apr 2024 Praveen Arivazhagan

Macro Bites: M&A deal activity in 2024’s nuanced macroeconomic environment

A nuanced macroeconomic environment provides opportunities for increased M&A deal activity in 2024.

31 Jan 2024

Why Europe’s CEOs are confident but cautious, pushing AI and pausing ESG

The latest EY European CEO Outlook survey finds country variation in resilience, but solid AI strategy remains elusive for many. Read more.

09 Jan 2024 Julie Hood

EY M&A sector of the year: Tech leads M&A activity in 2023

Find out the EY M&A sector of the year and which sectors to watch in 2024.

12 Dec 2023 Elizabeth Kaske + 4

The Navigator: perspectives on financial services M&A

Financial institutions are building competitive advantage through M&A. Read on to learn more.

13 Nov 2023 Sid Khosla

How cloud can drive value in M&A transactions

A robust strategy can bring value to both buyers and sellers throughout the M&A lifecycle. Read more.

08 Aug 2023 Frederic Veron + 2

    Watch now: How AI can unlock value in M&A transactions

    Mitch Berlin, EY Americas Vice Chair, Strategy and Transactions, shares how AI can bring speed and scale to the M&A process.

    Sector M&A insights

    Energy M&A Quick Takes: How companies are transforming deal structures

    In the Energy M&A Quick Takes video, EY leaders discuss oil and gas consolidation, and integrations that require more due diligence.

    21 May 2024 Elizabeth Kaske + 1

    Private Equity Pulse: key takeaways from Q4 2023

    The PE Pulse is a quarterly report that provides data and insights on private equity market activity and trends. Read the latest report.

    11 Jan 2024 Pete Witte

    How ecosystems can help fill the life sciences innovation gap

    An expanded ecosystem can help life sciences companies replenish their pipelines ahead of a looming patent cliff. Read our report.

    13 Mar 2023 Arda Ural, PhD + 2

    How the right M&A can help hospital CEOs cure shrinking margins

    M&A is an important tool for US hospitals to address increasing costs and the continuing pressure to reduce reimbursements.

    20 Feb 2023 H. Mallory Caldwell

    Is there more than one path toward long-term value?

    An evolving portfolio strategy is integral to generating returns and competing in the energy transition. How can companies make no regret decisions?

    02 Feb 2023 David Johnston + 1

      M&A case studies

      How an acquisition helped Orifarm prepare a prescription for growth 

      EY teams help founder-run Orifarm, a Danish pharmaceuticals company, embark on the path to transformation.

      29 Nov 2021 Mads Steensen

      Case study: How a Nordic SaaS player unlocked potential in a global lockdown

      A bold strategy and deep, multi-disciplined M&A experience turned “it can’t be done” into a sale that facilitated outstanding outcomes. Learn more.

      19 Apr 2021 Eric Sanschagrin

      How the right buyer helped a family grow global plant-based food production

      Innovation in plant-based meat could have a major role in promoting healthier food alternatives and sustainable environmental practices.

      16 Apr 2021 Rahul Agrawal

        Growth strategy through M&A

        CEO Survey: Focus on GenAI strategy to accelerate growth

        Our survey finds US CEOs preparing for a new normal of costly capital while M&A intentions remain strong and divestment plans are robust.

        30 Oct 2023 EY Americas

        Digital M&A valuation: How CFOs and CDOs can get it right

        Investors can use unique digital M&A valuation tools during due diligence to reduce overpayment risk.

        23 Jan 2023 Dayton Nordin + 2

        Three ways c-suite execs can enhance digital M&A commercial strategy

        Learn how traditional companies acquiring digital assets can embrace and interact with digital natives and can create outsized returns

        23 Nov 2022 Ranu Carroll

        The new corporate strategy playing field

        Corporate strategy is being upended by new stakeholders, competitors and the need to quickly add differentiating capabilities.

        05 Oct 2022 Chris Librizzi + 1

        Three important digital M&A product strategy questions for the c-suite

        Product development can be transformed with digital M&A if leaders articulate how technology and innovation leads to growth and value. Read our insights.

        26 Sep 2022 Jeff Vogel

        How M&A revenue synergies can sweeten digital transactions

        EY-Parthenon research shows digital deals that focus on revenue synergies can lead to higher valuations and premiums.

        26 Jul 2022 Amar Mehta + 1

          M&A integration insights

          What drives one-time M&A integration costs and how to estimate them

          Do you know what drives acquisition costs? Learn more.

          07 Mar 2023 Brian Salsberg + 1

          How rapid M&A IT integration can cut costs and boost M&A cybersecurity

          M&A IT integration strategies can speed up deal synergies, reduce costs and free capital for growth and value creation. Read more

          03 Feb 2023 Sri Prabhakaran + 1

          Four talent challenges in digital M&A culture integration

          Tech company acquisitions may include talent: founders, engineers and technologists whose knowledge can drive digital M&A culture integration. Learn more.

          12 Oct 2022 Shari Yocum

          Three ways a data clean room can help you realize M&A synergies faster

          The three main benefits to using an M&A deal clean room. Read our report.

          03 Mar 2022 Khalid Khan + 1

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