Photographic portrait of Praveen Arivazhagan
Digital business building is both an art and a science — inventing sticky solutions beyond the first principles is the ‘art’; translating that value into breakthrough P&L impact is the ‘science.’

Praveen Arivazhagan

EY-Parthenon Americas Digital Business Building Garage Leader

Digital business builder, P&L architect, innovator, storyteller.

Praveen leads the EY-Parthenon Americas Digital Business Building Garage. He is a seasoned corporate ventures and digital business building leader with 15 years of experience across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Praveen has an extensive track record of building disruptive new digital businesses and delivering breakthrough growth at traditional corporations across the industrial, consumer and health care sectors. To date, he has successfully launched and scaled seven distinctive corporate digital ventures.

Praveen is a regular speaker at conferences and chief executive officer forums on digital business building and an avid storyteller.

How Praveen is building a better working world

Praveen is passionate about working alongside clients to build inclusive and sustainable digital businesses that deliver positive financial impact. He helps traditional corporations and private equity clients create new digital platforms to deliver breakthrough growth. He is dedicated to building and coaching high-performing teams to help them achieve their full potential.

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