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Our approach to customer experience is rooted in purpose, data and technology. We use a framework that focuses on the entire user journey to unlock insights to build game-changing customer experiences. Exceptional engagement drives long-term success and delivers enhanced value and sustainable growth.

Case study

How a major health provider is putting care into patients’ hands

Learn how a leading health care system used digital transformation to enhance its telehealth application and better serve both patients and providers.

15 Mar 2023 Yele Aluko

    Your business challenge

    In today's marketplace, organizations must adapt to conflicting customer needs to stay relevant. Emerging technologies, heightened customer expectations for personalized experiences across all industries and shareholder demand to create loyalty have forced organizations to ask the following questions:

    • Embrace digital transformation: How can we align technology and processes to deliver a frictionless and personalized digital experience?
    • Foster trusted customer connections: How can we better understand customers’ needs and preferences, and create experiences that generate trust, loyalty and long-term relationships?
    • Prioritize agility and flexibility: How can we adapt quickly and efficiently to changing circumstances while also fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation with new CX strategies?
    • Keep pace with new technology: How can we stay up to date with the latest innovations and invest in technologies that help us deliver improved products, services, and personalized experiences?
    • Enhance employee engagement: How can we better connect employees with our business purpose and improve engagement?

    Amid rapidly shifting consumer behavior, fluctuating economic conditions and evolving geopolitical issues, delivering personalized experiences at scale is a key differentiator for companies. Those who succeed are better able to weather uncertainties and have positioned themselves for long-term growth and success.

    Solution benefits

    EY teams work alongside you to design, prioritize and improve customer experiences that can set you apart in the market and accelerate growth, with benefits that include:

    • Generating innovation across the business and delivering exceptional customer experiences
    • Finding value by prioritizing customer experiences and fostering trust, loyalty and long-term customer value
    • Creating a culture that incorporates customer feedback, and continuously iterates and improves customer experiences
    • Investing in emerging technologies that can help future-proof your organization and deliver personalized customer experience

    Solution features & functionality

    Why EY

    EY professionals and our world-class design and engineering network can help you solve the toughest CX challenges and transform your customer experience to create long-term, sustainable value for customers, employees, the business and society.

    Alliance relationships

    Our alliances and ecosystem relationships with the following companies help us deliver high-impact customer experiences:

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