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Navigating return to work policies after the COVID-19 pandemic

In this interview with Reuters Plus, Mark Grinis, EY Global Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction Leader, shares data from the EY Workplace Index to help companies navigate their return to work policies and practices.

Market share in real estate, hospitality and construction

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Check out our up-to-date market share data and find out how EY can support your organization's transformation.

Our latest thinking on Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction

Trends that will impact real estate funds this year

We break down important trends that we see having an impact on real estate investment and funds.

Shifting to intelligent facilities management: pitfalls and strategies

Uncover the transition to intelligent facilities management (iFM), its benefits, pitfalls, and effective implementation strategies. Learn more

3 questions to ask about return-to-office plans

Hybrid work is established yet still evolving. How will it affect corporate real estate? Learn more.

How REITs add millions of jobs and billions of dollars to US economy

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) contribute 3.4 million jobs and $262.2 billion to the US economy. Learn more.

How sustainability is reshaping the construction industry

Construction industry leaders need to plan for new regulatory requirements that will require companies to disclose information about climate-related risks.

Real estate services CEOs chime in on key industry trends

In a recent EY survey, CEOs from commercial real estate companies discussed challenges including office distress, ESG and GenAI implementation. Learn more.

How buyers should position to win distressed real estate deals

While high interest rates slow deal activity, a recent EY webcast shared how prepared buyers can effectively acquire loan portfolios from banks.

Real Estate Reconstructed

Commercial property owners, operators, investors and tenants must strategically protect their interests and capitalize on new opportunities.

How generative AI is transforming the future of commercial real estate

Commercial real estate leaders need to evaluate the risks as they seek to leverage the benefits of GenAI in real estate. Learn more.

    ESG in Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction

    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights for organizations focused on reframing the future of their real estate, hospitality and construction planning.

    Webcast on demand - RHC

    SEC cyber ruling impacts on real estate, hospitality and construction

    In this webcast, panelists discuss how to navigate new SEC cyber disclosure requirements and other updates.

    State of the Industry: 2024 Construction Forecast

    Please join our panel of professionals for our webcast – a timely discussion of recent construction industry trends.

    Real estate fund trends 2.0: ESG, AI and regulatory issues

    Please join our panel of professionals for our webcast – a timely discussion of recent real estate funds industry trends.

    Global economic outlook: risks, opportunities and commercial real estate

    Our outlook US economic outlook has improved, but risks still remain, especially in commercial real estate. How can businesses navigate this landscape?

    Distress in real estate: How banks and buyers price deals

    Please join our panel of professionals for our webcast – a timely discussion of recent distressed real estate and banking industry trends.

    How to energize a workforce in the great rebalance

    In this webcast, explore the EY 2023 Work Reimagined Survey with powerful global insights from 17,050 employees and 1,575 employers. Learn more.

      Our leaders in Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction

      Mark Grinis

      EY Americas Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction Leader
      EY Americas Real estate, hospitality and construction leader drawing from three decades of experience. Author. Speaker.
      New York, USA

      Umar Riaz

      EY Americas Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction Consulting Leader
      Transformation agent. Innovative thinker. Real estate and hospitality professional. Leveraging technology to drive transformation.

      Christopher Johnston

      Americas REIT Leader and US West Region Assurance Leader – Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction
      Helping large global institutional investors, public REITs, emerging growth companies and entrepreneurs seek capital to create enterprise value.
      Irvine, USA

      Erin Roberts

      EY Global Engineering & Construction Leader
      Construction and engineering insights from 25 years of experience serving the sector. Lifelong boy scout. Father of two. Passion for travel.
      Houston, USA

      Dovid Frankel

      EY Global Real Estate Investment Fund Services Leader
      Strategic leader of EY real estate investment funds services. Husband and father.
      New York, USA

      Megan Hahn

      EY Americas Leader, Homebuilding Segment – Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction
      Building a better working world means providing exceptional experiences for clients and colleagues while serving the public interest. As a working mom, it’s essential to always be present and engaged.
      Denver, USA

      Sachin Avadhani

      EY Americas Hospitality Sector Leader
      Passionate about hospitality and infrastructure. Talk to me about M&A. Family man. Cricket enthusiast.
      New York, USA

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