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Our dedicated team serves real estate owners and operators, publicly traded REITs, nontraded REITs, private REITs and more. We advise more REITs than any other professional services firm. Our knowledge, experience and capabilities make us the leader in serving REITs.

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As REITs continue to gain prominence globally, including ongoing growth in nontraditional property sectors, we are here to help organizations successfully manage their capital agenda, allocate capital, enhance their operations and adapt to disruptive influences, all within their regulatory frameworks.

REITs and other real estate organizations are seeing environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies that are continuing to gain momentum in the market as capital and talent shift from organizations that create only value for their shareholders to those that create value in the long term, across a broader group of stakeholders, including employees, consumers, suppliers, communities, government, investors and shareholders. This shift requires an increased focus on areas such as carbon reduction within real estate; social aspects, such as employee/tenant wellness and the return-to-work environment; and governance efforts that include diligence and nonfinancial reporting on these and other important ESG metrics.

In addition, the explosion of venture capital invested in built-world technology cannot be ignored. Real estate owners and operators are recognizing and reaping the benefits of current and new technologies that improve the customer experience, increase access to financial data, enhance internal efficiencies, reduce risk, and create new services or products.

EY services and solutions to help you on your journey include, but are not limited to:

REIT market share

We advise more real estate investment trusts (REITs) than any other professional services firm. Our dedicated team serves real estate owners and operators, publicly traded REITs, nontraded REITs, private REITs and more.

S&P Global REIT Top 100

ESG Reporting

The importance of ESG performance is increasing due to new regulatory requirements, an evolving ESG reporting landscape, shifting stakeholder expectations and pressure from investors.

Our latest thinking

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      ESG in Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction

      Environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights for organizations focused on reframing the future of their real estate, hospitality and construction planning.

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