State and Local Government Consulting

Agency transformation enabled by technology allows state and local government to create experiences that meet the expectations of residents and employees. Our goal is to help state and local clients achieve their mission of efficiently serving the people. Our human-centric approach helps agencies improve operations and provide results.

What EY can do for you

State and local governments have common challenges such as how to meet the increased expectations of their citizens, residents and employees; how to address inequality and its effects; and how to anticipate the ways in which technology will change our economies and the ability to create jobs.

Our Government & Public Sector consulting team is organized by focus areas and ready to help you navigate complex challenges with an emphasis on future needs and expectations.

In today’s fast-paced world, government agency transformation’s success can be measured in terms of efficiency, people satisfaction and how services are delivered. For state and local government agencies, the goal is not to be the biggest and best, but rather to provide benefits to those they serve and in need.

We believe that governments can succeed by taking three steps:

  1. Gain more insight to better understand what is needed and expected of government and improve government service delivery to meet these expectations.
  2. Develop new strategies that enable, a more innovative and agile government and drive long-term improvements in resident and workforce experience
  3. Implement transformative, modern solutions that will make the government more effective and efficient

From strategy to execution, we enable our clients with the tools and methodologies to implement new and tested ideas to achieve results in key focus areas such as:

  • Delivering transformation that is led by people, process and technology
  • Improving the health and welfare of residents
  • Boosting the performance of our education system to attract employers that offer quality job opportunities
  • Protecting our nation and increasing public safety
  • Positioning states, counties and cities for infrastructure demands in the short and long run
  • Investing in the future by confirming fiscally sound principles and budget management

Our latest thinking

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By taking a systematic and data-driven approach, childcare problems can be dealt with more effectively and accurately.

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8 priorities to reorient how and what government human services agencies can do.

Combining resources for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families is a flexible federal assistance initiative for struggling families.

Taking data culture to the next level to serve better

Data culture embedding will help take your data capabilities to the next level.

Redefining transportation funding: growing needs, receding fuels tax

Governments need to be flexible and forward-thinking in how they reform transportation funding that can meet needs of projects for decades to come.

State CIOs’ wake-up call: How FinOps can help optimize cloud spending

Agencies require full cloud spending situational awareness and should explore new business operating models and re-factor cloud architecture.

2024 EY federal, state and local trends report

Key findings from a recent survey asking government decision-makers about their perception of and experience with emerging technologies.

AI-driven constituent engagement in government contact centers

Explore how AI can transform state and local government contact centers to improve constituent experiences and engagement.

Strategic framework for opioid abatement funds by cities and counties

Opioid abatement funds represent a significant opportunity for communities impacted by the opioid crisis.

Accelerating progress on behavioral health challenges

Behavioral health challenges are prevalent. There is a clear consensus that a crisis has been growing globally for decades.

Smart compliance for Medicaid

Helping state Medicaid agencies make smart compliance decisions while securing maximum federal support.

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