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Entrepreneurs on resilience, adaptability, AI and more.

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Entrepreneurs are full of great ideas – and even greater ambitions. But an entrepreneur’s path can take twists and turns, with many different hurdles along the way. 

Benefit from our unrivaled global entrepreneurial ecosystem comprised of thousands of successful high-growth business leaders. Whether through the programs we run, the knowhow we share, or the services we provide, our commitment to supporting entrepreneurial companies remains steadfast. Learn more below.

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EY has championed pioneering entrepreneurs worldwide for nearly four decades, creating an unrivaled global entrepreneurial ecosystem comprised of thousands of successful high-growth business leaders. All entrepreneurs are welcome to explore participation in one of our three recognition programs.

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Learn from a group of seasoned founders on how to scale sustainably in uncertain environments.

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Why resilience and adaptability are key to entrepreneurial success

In the current business climate, entrepreneurs are facing challenging headwinds. Learn how they are forging ahead by embracing resilience and adaptability.

08 Mar 2024

What entrepreneurial businesses should look out for in 2024

Find out how high-performing entrepreneurial businesses can escape the rollercoaster of constant strategic reprioritization.

19 Jan 2024 Peter Bos

How private companies are navigating today’s turbulent capital markets

After a difficult stretch, there is optimism that capital markets are emerging from their downturn.

23 Aug 2023 Jeffrey Grabow

How to build a resilient mindset

Building a resilient mindset, team and culture is a three-step process that begins with leaders. Learn more.

25 May 2023

3 business practices that high-growth entrepreneurs should know

Entrepreneurs share priorities for 2024. Read more.

21 Feb 2023 Lee Henderson

4 pointers for seeking private capital today

Pointers on how to compete for private capital in 2023 now that the era of free money is over.

13 Feb 2023 Jeffrey Grabow

Tracking venture capital deployment and deal trends over time

EY teams help clients achieve their ambitions by connecting them to data and insights that drive growth. Venture capital (VC) investment can give businesses a significant leg up as they look to scale. The data below provides a year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter analysis of VC trends in the US, including the total amount invested (deal value) and number of deals completed. Use this tool to analyze VC investments by sector, region, deal stage, date range and more.

14 Oct 2022

    Rapid growth

    CEO Survey: Focus on GenAI strategy to accelerate growth

    Our survey finds US CEOs preparing for a new normal of costly capital while M&A intentions remain strong and divestment plans are robust.

    30 Oct 2023 EY Americas

    How to unlock business growth by putting customers at the center

    To thrive in challenging market conditions, entrepreneurial businesses are building deep and enduring relationships with their customers. Learn more.

    15 Sep 2023 Peter Bos

    How business leaders can persevere through uncertainty

    Leaders must act decisively to navigate new complexities. Learn more about they can lead through uncertainly.

    26 Apr 2023

    4 considerations for a successful digital transformation

    The CEO’s leadership, defined outcomes and measured decisions are key to a successful digital transformation. Learn more.

    04 Apr 2023 + 2

    How an entrepreneurial mindset saved two companies after pandemic hits

    Despite unprecedented uncertainty, some of today’s most dynamic leaders are creating long-term value by being proactive and open to change. Learn more.

    21 Feb 2023 EY Americas

      Market leader

      Global economic outlook: finding balance in 2024

      The 2024 global economic outlook includes a search for equilibrium amid lingering turbulence and volatility as policymakers try to maintain a soft landing.

      19 Jan 2024 Gregory Daco + 1

      Three questions to help rethink your exit strategy now

      As deal flow starts to pick up, private equity firms have an opportunity to create maximum value, but action is needed.

      14 Dec 2023 Konstanze Nardi

      Top 10 geopolitical developments for 2024

      An even more complex geopolitical environment is on the horizon. Learn how businesses need to innovate and adapt their strategies to stay ahead.

      12 Dec 2023 Courtney Rickert McCaffrey + 2

      Four steps to implement a large language model successfully

      Organizations are eager to adopt LLMs, but navigating potential pitfalls can be challenging. Learn more.

      15 Nov 2023 Michael Stricklen + 2

      Five generative AI initiatives leaders should pursue now

      Learn how to move beyond quick efficiency gains to a cohesive AI strategy that maximizes your growth potential in a fast-changing space.

      05 Oct 2023 Jeff Wray + 2

        The EY 7 Drivers Of Growth

        Using the wisdom gained from working with thousands of resilient, high-growth businesses – including Entrepreneur Of The Year® winners – EY developed the 7 Drivers of Growth. This tried, tested and trusted framework enables you to think differently about your strategy for protecting, building and transforming your business to help it flourish.

        Strategic Growth Forum®

        The country’s most prestigious gathering of CEOs, high-growth entrepreneurs, C-suite executives representing global market leaders, and professional investment fund managers. These authors of the future convene for inspiring keynotes, thought-provoking panels, one-to-one meetings, and limitless, high-value networking to fuel economic growth.