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How business leaders can persevere through uncertainty

Today’s leaders are facing unprecedented challenges: ongoing pandemic-related disruptions, geopolitical conflicts, economic volatility, banking sector instability and more. Amid all this uncertainty, business innovators are being asked to transform their organizations and find new growth opportunities. That requires confidence and ingenuity, which isn’t an easy combination when the global economic outlook is foggy and every decision seems increasingly significant. 

EY has pulse-checked CEOs and top entrepreneurs to find their greatest concerns.*

*Source: EY CEO Outlook Pulse Survey, October 2022. Throughout the past six months.

Rather than focus on the unpredictable, leaders must focus on the things they can control.

David Heath
We’re living in an incredibly dynamic environment. I look at the three buckets that are in my care within my business specifically: It’s my customers, it’s my employees, and it’s the community I’m serving. Whenever I put those three groups at the center of every decision and look at the impact of those decisions through their lens … nine times out of 10, it leads me to the best decision possible.

Three keys to successful leadership today


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Today’s top entrepreneurs, innovators and thought leaders at the Strategic Growth Forum® discussed ways of addressing an uncertain future with confidence. The EY organization also conducted timely pulse surveys to see what’s on leaders’ minds.

Here’s what they had to say about leading through adversity.

  • Like businesses, consumers are also facing disruption fatigue — first with the pandemic, then supply chain issues, and now inflation and a possible recession. Their expectations have changed, and they are watching their wallets. To drive growth during uncertainty, business leaders need to respond to consumers’ changing needs and values by pivoting messaging, pricing, product offerings or channels.

    According to the October 2022 EY CEO Outlook Pulse Survey, business leaders are reshaping their operations to engage customers:

    Ravi Saligram
    Innovation starts with consumer insights and foresight, and asking, ‘Is it meaningful to the consumer?’ Everyone can build a better mousetrap, but if there are no mice around, then why build a mousetrap? Next, it’s about getting customer collaboration. Is your new product at the right price point? Yes, innovations are great ideas, but if they’re not profitable, that’s a problem.

Entrepreneurs on leading into the future

Business leaders share actionable insights on guiding and inspiring employees, accessing capital and more.