Geopolitics affects every global organization. To thrive in today’s changing world, businesses need a geostrategy.

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What C-level executives can do to overcome geostrategic challenges

In this webcast, panelists discuss geostrategic perspectives and no regret actions companies can take right now and in the future. Learn more.

10 May 2023 | 10:00 your local time

Geostrategic Analysis: May 2024 edition

Read our May 2024 Geostrategic Analysis for our take on geopolitical developments and the impact of these political risks on international business.

08 May 2024 Oliver Jones + 1

Global economic outlook: finding balance in 2024

The 2024 global economic outlook includes a search for equilibrium amid lingering turbulence and volatility as policymakers try to maintain a soft landing.

19 Jan 2024 Gregory Daco + 1

Catalyzing economic growth through capital investment in GenAI

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the potential to be a significant strategic economic lever for businesses across sectors.

13 Dec 2023 Gregory Daco

Top 10 geopolitical developments for 2024

An even more complex geopolitical environment is on the horizon. Learn how businesses need to innovate and adapt their strategies to stay ahead.

12 Dec 2023 Courtney Rickert McCaffrey + 2

Why a level head is needed to deal with geopolitical risk

Understanding your company’s political risk profile is necessary to set global strategy. It’s time to shore up any gaps in political risk exposure. Learn more.

23 Aug 2023 Courtney Rickert McCaffrey + 1

What if the difference between adversity and advantage is a resilient board?

Boards must improve resilience to mitigate risk and gain a competitive advantage. Find out how.

26 Jul 2023 Sharon Sutherland + 2

Case study: How a financial services firm built resilience amid geopolitical flux

EY teams helped a financial services firm analyze the financial consequences of regional political tensions. Learn more in this case study.

30 Jan 2023 Courtney Rickert McCaffrey + 2

How manufacturers can adapt for success amid rising geopolitical uncertainty

To thrive in an increasingly volatile world, manufacturing leaders must make strategic moves that enhance agility and resilience. Learn how.

17 Jan 2023 Claudio Knizek + 3

    The team

    Oliver Jones

    EY Global SaT Markets, Sustainability and Geostrategy Leader

    Passionate about providing outstanding support to governments and businesses in a fast changing world. Deeply committed to excellence in public policy. Team builder. Mentor. Flexible worker. Husband and father of three.

    London, GBR

    Nobuko Kobayashi

    EY Asia-Pacific Strategy Execution Leader

    Multi-cultural thought leader in Japan. Connector and relationship builder. Embodies a bridge that connects Japan with the outside world. Specializes in the Consumer sector.

    Tokyo, JPN

    Courtney Rickert McCaffrey

    EY Global Geostrategic Business Group Insights Leader; EY Global Research Institute Director – EY Knowledge

    Geopolitical analyst and strategist. Creative methodologist. Proud feminist. Passionate about generating insights to help executives make better-informed decisions.

    Washington, DC, USA

    Mary Cline

    Senior Advisor, Geostrategic Business Group

    Intrepid business and political strategist. Passionate about connecting the dots between politics, economics and business. Committed to delivering insights on critical global challenges.

    Washington, DC, USA

    Famke Krumbmüller

    EY EMEIA Leader, Geostrategic Business Group

    Multilingual political analyst and strategist focused on helping businesses understand and manage politics. Passionate about European and global politics, business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Paris, FRA

    Angelika Goliger

    EY Africa Chief Economist

    A chief economist with a passion for inclusive growth. Avid podcast listener. Runner. Wife and mother to an active daughter.

    Johannesburg, ZAF

    David Kirsch

    Managing Director, Energy, Ernst & Young LLP

    Energy professional. Former diplomat. Economic adviser through three global crises. Seasoned in strategy, risk and competitive intelligence. Father of two, international birder.

    Houston, USA
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