Our case studies

How experiment-led strategy leads to action

How SkiStar used experiment-led strategy to accelerate business growth. Learn more in this case study.

How Microsoft built a new mobility model for cross-border talent

Learn how professionals from EY and Microsoft challenged old assumptions about workforce mobility, creating a forward-thinking and data-rich platform.

Helping the next generation sustain an entrepreneurial spirit

The Rigby Group brought EY teams on board to optimize their “buy and build” strategy and expand their global leadership in technology. Learn more.

How carve-outs positioned an automotive giant for future growth

EY-Parthenon teams supported Daimler AG through strategic divestments and back-office transformation. Learn more.

How IONITY’s finance function became a growth driver

Discover how IONITY built its full-service finance operations across Europe from the ground up with minimal staff and limited resources.

How a cosmetics giant’s transformation strategy is unlocking value

Shiseido, the largest Japanese beauty company, is reimagining its functions, processes and systems to create a global operating model. Learn more.

Reframing the future of an iconic skiwear brand

EY-Parthenon helped BOGNER return to profitability in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.

How a government struggling with debt navigated towards a brighter future

EY professionals helped Puerto Rico exit bankruptcy and build a foundation for future growth. Learn more in this case study.

Case study: How smart technology helped Fiserv accelerate M&A strategy

Multi-billion-dollar mergers are fraught with complexity, but smart digital platforms can accelerate your deal strategy from design to delivery. Learn more.

How to sell a travel business when no one is traveling

Flybe became the first UK airline to be rescued from insolvency after EY-Parthenon protected the struggling business and found a buyer.

How to determine a solid path forward in a liquidation

British Steel needed a buyer to avoid closure and to continue the iconic brand, but a sale was never guaranteed. Learn more.

    Our case studies

    How Caterpillar is using technology on its journey to improve financial forecasting

    Learn how Caterpillar is using technology to expand its analytics-based forecasting capabilities for greater accuracy and efficiency in this case study.

    How to accelerate your search speed with natural language processing

    A managed care company saves hundreds of hours in compliance verification with a new, AI-enabled database. Learn more in this case study.

    How GenAI is empowering talent at a PE-backed consumer brand

    By using GenAI to remove routine tasks, a global consumer brand is harnessing the creativity of its employees and utilizing their time better.

    How Canadian Tire leveraged the potential of customer data with AI

    An iconic Canadian retailer drives personalized customer service with smarter data management and advanced analytics. Learn more in this case study.

    How a Nordic insurance company automated claims processing

    A Nordic insurer increased its operational efficiency and improved customer experience using automation. Learn more in this case study.

    How AI helped a major IT company to improve its vendor interaction experience

    Find out how AI helped a major IT company improve its vendor interaction experience. Learn more.

    How a global biopharma became a leader in ethical AI

    Read this case study about how a science-led biopharma positioned itself as a leader in ethical AI.

    How data analytics can strengthen supply chain performance

    EY Supply Chain SmartMaps™ helped a global energy company leverage buying power, strengthen processes, reduce costs and optimize inventory. Learn more.

    How Takeda harnessed the power of the metaverse for positive human impact

    Learn how Takeda harnessed the power of the metaverse for positive human impact.

    How a B2B company drove engagement by transforming its D2C platform

    Discover how Merck Animal Health modernized its HomeAgain® e-commerce site to offer a robust online customers experience and drive growth and expansion..

    How Bayer closed the distance globally between planning and activating

    A new global business services model needed buy-in across four continents. EY wavespace™ brought execs together to drive inclusive growth.

    How Wawa is catering to customers with new convenient offerings

    Wawa implements new technologies, keeping customers at the center of its offerings. Learn more in this case study.

    Using AI to improve a bank’s agent effectiveness

    Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, one bank mined sales agents’ calls for performance-boosting insights. Learn more in this case study.

    Why a superstore reinforced its cyber walls to protect its customers

    Heightened security risks led a retail giant to mature its cyber capabilities, optimize its technology spend and reinforce customer trust.

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    How to use IoT and data to transform the economics of a sport

    A consortium of professional cycling teams and EY professionals are working to change a monetization problem through real-time data and IOT.

    What going digital means for Takeda

    Find out how Takeda Business Solutions (TBS) fast-tracked its digitalization evolution.

    Using technology to control spending risk in a fast-moving environment

    EY is helping Microsoft to modernize and reinvent its compliance risk management across its global footprint. Learn more in this case study.

    How real-time data improved diversity and inclusion policies

    Data, analytics and a desire to embrace inclusivity transformed a consumer products company’s D&I program into an organization-wide cultural movement.

    How business and Gen Z can work together to tackle climate change

    EY teams are facilitating life-long learning on climate change and connecting the voices of Gen Z with business. Discover more.

      Our case studies

      Dow’s bold approach to customer experience

      Read this case study to learn how Dow’s innovative customer experience program is helping revolutionize the B2B industry.

      How a business insolvency secured a good fate for the Spanish economy

      How EY teams helped a Spanish construction company navigate business insolvency by finding a buyer to retain its vital economic presence.

      Fashioning a sustainable future for an online clothing retailer

      EY has helped fashion retailer ASOS to identify opportunities to unlock value, making it more resilient and better prepared for the future.. Learn more.

      How an insolvent travel industry giant got back on track

      EY teams steered international conglomerate HNA Group successfully through one of China’s largest corporate restructurings. Learn more.

      How data analytics can strengthen supply chain performance

      EY Supply Chain SmartMaps™ helped a global energy company leverage buying power, strengthen processes, reduce costs and optimize inventory. Learn more.

      How a digital ledger helped one plastics company champion circularity

      Building trust and transparency with customers starts with an irrefutable sustainability certificate. Learn more

      An energy company’s transformation for the 21st-century customer

      Learn how Xcel Energy is building trusted relationships with customers and helping lead the energy transition through innovative products and services.

      How a frozen-foods powerhouse kept their cool on the way to being #1

      A supply chain transformation helped a frozen-foods company keep up with demand throughout the pandemic and set the table for future growth. Learn more.

      How to launch a sustainable direct-to-consumer business in no time

      The Innovation and Experience Design practice at EY helped a Swiss cooperative identify a market niche and launch an entirely new business. Learn more.