Corporate and growth strategy

EY-Parthenon teams help develop and deliver strategic opportunities for clients by providing in-depth market, competitor and customer insight — incorporating financial, operational and implementation perspectives across their entire organization.

What EY-Parthenon can do for you

EY-Parthenon teams can help business leaders and CEOs answer the following questions:

  • What is your full-potential value and are you realizing long-term value?
  • What growth opportunities exist in your core business?
  • Is now the time to evaluate, prioritize and pursue adjacencies to optimize growth?
  • In this time of volatility, are there transformational growth opportunities you should be considering, including both organic and inorganic paths?
  • What is your business strategy in the digital world?
  • Are you leveraging the transformative power of ecosystem business models?
  • What are the right channels for your product or service, and what’s the best way to get into those channels?
  • How well do you understand your customer’s needs and priorities, and what are you doing to address them?
  • Are you getting the optimal return on investment (ROI) for your sales and marketing spend?

The corporate and growth strategy EY-Parthenon professionals have experience in the following areas:

Our latest thinking

Why we need to rethink business models and how we create them

Jeff Wray discusses the impact of escalating complexity on the business environment and its implications on business models. Listen to the podcast.

19m 58s

How CEOs juggle transformation priorities – the art of taking back control

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Explore the likelihood of future substantial productivity gains from the use of generative AI across sectors. Learn more.

Catalyze economic growth through capital investment in GenAI

Boost to global GDP growth from increased investment in GenAI R&D, infrastructure, software creation and company adoption will be significant. Learn more.

Tech disruptions can inform the economic impact of AI

Discover learnings from three key historical episodes of rapid technological change that may help predict the economic impact of AI.

Five generative AI initiatives leaders should pursue now

Learn how to move beyond quick efficiency gains to a cohesive AI strategy that maximizes your growth potential in a fast-changing space.

Jeff Wray + 2

Five ways private equity can unlock the power of pricing

Read our latest EY-Parthenon B2B Pricing article highlighting the role of pricing capabilities in maximizing value.

How B2B pricing strategies widen the gap between PE winners and losers  

Read the 2023 EY-Parthenon Global B2B Pricing Study highlighting the role of pricing capabilities in maximizing value.

Reframing the future of an iconic skiwear brand

EY-Parthenon helped BOGNER return to profitability in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.

How can your digital investment strategy reach higher returns?

The 2022 Digital Investment Index reveals that companies struggle with digital strategy and measuring returns on their technology investments. Read more.

When experience defines how consumers buy, what will retailers sell?

Instead of the “store” of the future, retailers should be thinking about the “space” of the future. Find out more.

Three trends shaping portfolio moves in a red-hot M&A marke

Learn how this red-hot deal market is the right time for you to use M&A and divestitures to support your long-term growth strategy.

How leading companies accelerate their digital strategy

Companies are pouring money into digital initiatives with no results. Learn how leaders succeed and why M&A can be key to outsized returns.

How asset-light strategies and models can boost business growth

An EY survey of 1,000 C-suite executives found that using asset-light business models and strategies fueled growth and strengthened financial results. Learn more.

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