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How to balance opportunity and risk in adopting disruptive technologies

Adopting disruptive technologies is a critical challenge for organizations seeking to drive stronger compliance strategy while embracing innovation. Learn more.

How good governance can keep corporates clean from greenwashing

As ESG reporting becomes increasingly scrutinized, organizations should manage the potential perception of greenwashing. Read more.

How EY Virtual optimizes compliance analytics for Honeywell

An entirely data-driven digital scorecard provides a consolidated, centralized view of compliance for Honeywell International. Learn more.

How China’s data privacy and security rules could impact your business

New regulations in China give data subjects new rights and come with stringent penalties. Learn more.

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How leading organizations tackle insider risk

With insider risk incidents growing 44% since 2020, businesses must actively protect themselves from the damage these risks can inflict.

Using technology to control spending risk in a fast-moving environment

EY is helping Microsoft to modernize and reinvent its compliance risk management across its global footprint. Learn more in this case study.

Tunnel vision or the bigger picture?

The EY Global Integrity Report 2022 reveals how a focus on governance can help reimagine corporate integrity.

Four ways for companies in emerging markets to prioritize integrity 

Discover how organizations operating in emerging markets can reduce misconduct, build trust and create long-term value.

How a robust whistleblowing framework can help create long-term value

Effective whistleblowing programs not only make legal and ethical sense, they also help companies emerge stronger than their competitors. Find out more.

To combat financial fraud in Europe, strengthen every line of defense

Reinforcing the roles of auditors, companies and regulators and expanding the use of technology in the audit can minimize financial reporting fraud risk.

How to navigate eDiscovery technology without the Privacy Shield

Organizations that relied on the Privacy Shield must institute an alternate approved transfer mechanism or risk running afoul of the GDPR. Read more.

How to comply with data subject access requests

The pandemic and shift to a remote workforce make a clear compliance strategy and workflows for fulfilling DSARs more important than ever. Read more.

Preventing and detecting fraud: how to strengthen the roles of companies, auditors and regulators

Find out why a reexamination is needed of how traditional audit procedures approach the risk of fraud.

How location tracking is raising the stakes on privacy protection

Managing and securing personal data takes more cross-functional collaboration throughout businesses than ever before.

How to address enterprise-wide legal considerations after a crisis

As businesses begin to emerge into a post-COVID world, legal challenges are expected to arrive in waves.

Is this the moment of truth for corporate integrity?

The EY Global Integrity Report 2020 reveals the ethical fault lines widening amid the COVID-19 pandemic — and shows pivotal action steps to take now.

How to go beyond a preventive mindset to manage cybersecurity risk

Businesses increasingly realize they can reduce risk and damages by prioritizing rapid detection of threats and effective incident response.

COVID-19: Four key steps for managing integrity risk in supply chains

Legal, risk and compliance officers are facing a host of new challenges related to third parties, as disruption and bad actors proliferate.

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