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Our latest thinking and case studies

How the chip crisis is driving carmakers to rethink supply chain tactics

In this episode, EY Global Automotive & Transportation Lead Analyst Anil Valsan discusses chipaggedon’s effects and how manufacturers are responding to it. Learn more.

17m 27s

Why Chapter 11 didn’t mark the end of the Briggs & Stratton story

EY teams helped the global leader in lawnmower engines, Briggs & Stratton, when debt and COVID-19 threatened to turn off its engines for good. Learn more.

Can repurposing drive your purpose in a circular economy?

Chemical companies can leverage the circular economy to create long-term value, fueling dramatic social and environmental benefits.

How data is bringing transparency to the car customization process

EY helped one of the world’s leading luxury automotive companies overcome some of the industry’s most complex issues.

    Our latest thinking and case studies

      Our latest thinking and case studies

      Four factors to guide investment in battery storage

      RECAI 63: Demand for battery energy storage is growing amid grid volatility. The EY ranking of investment hotspots highlights opportunities. Learn more.

      As consumers lead the way, how can energy providers light the path?

      The rise of the “omnisumer” gives energy providers an opportunity to differentiate by creating a seamless, sophisticated customer experience. Find out more.

      Five actions to improve the sustainability of steel

      Steel is one of the world’s most sustainable materials, but decarbonizing remains a challenge.

      If tech powers the future, who powers the tech?

      As they juggle the demands of decarbonization and digitization, utilities need both people and tech to power transformation.

      Why people and tech are the fuel for customer-centric transformation

      The benefits of the major transformation program undertaken by TNB, while working with EY, could be achieved across many other sectors.

      Creating a smarter, safer grid for new meters

      EY teams are helping a national electricity company reinforce its legacy power infrastructure for a trusted, cyber-safe future.

        Our latest thinking and case studies

        FS firms turn carbon ambition into action

        Credible decarbonization plans are critical to reducing emissions, scaling up climate solutions and building momentum among stakeholders. Learn more.

        How can banks transform for a new generation of customers?

        EY’s consumer banking survey reveals how banks need to transform to meet rising customer expectations. Find out more.

        How can wealth managers transform to improve the customer experience?

        Technology is at the heart of modernization, but to be successful, a transformation should be business-led and technology-enabled. Learn more.

        How technology fights FinCrime while enhancing regulatory compliance

        EY enabled a large global bank to lead the fight against FinCrime in a way that also helped it improve efficiency and increase compliance. Find out more.

        How to transform product development to outperform the competition

        EY Nexus is a cloud-based platform offering access to the most advanced technologies to launch new products, businesses and services.

        Redefining the insurance industry through digital transformation

        We help build a digital NewCo based on simplicity, transparency and trust.

          Our latest thinking and case studies

          How can digital government connect citizens without leaving the disconnected behind?

          New data sheds light on citizens’ relationships with technology and the implications for digital government.

          Will governments return to the past or nurture a digital future?

          The public sector has rapidly embraced digital technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how governments can continue the momentum.

          A shining example of green energy in Morocco

          We worked with the Moroccan Government in its efforts to build an innovative solar plant that will work far into the night.

            Our latest thinking and case studies

            How data can help redesign the health experience

            In this episode of the EY Health Sciences and Wellness Experience Podcast, Pamela Spence discusses the importance of data and how it can help redesign the health experience. Learn more.

            16m 52s

            How innovative infostructure can power the purpose of integrated care systems

            Sharing organized and complete data to generate insights for better health outcomes is the driving force behind joined-up care in integrated care systems (ICSs).

            How do you build future supply chains to best serve patient needs?

            In the wake of global disruptions, EY research aims to map out the future for supply chain transformation in the pharmaceutical industry. Read more.

            How you can create value in an intelligent health ecosystem

            The intelligent health ecosystem will provide smarter insights and personalized health care experiences to patients, anytime and anywhere.

            Are digital twins key to more personal, equitable and efficient care?

            Digital patient twins tap into the transformative value data beyond the traditional medical to provide health providers and payers actionable insights. Learn more at

            How ecosystem participation drives more value for life sciences deals

            Biopharmas need to embrace strategic partnerships that share risk and reward to achieve their growth ambitions. Learn more.

              Our latest thinking

              How can you adapt your IPO strategy in a dynamic market?

              The EY Global IPO Trends Q2 2024 covers the news and insights on the global, area and regional IPO markets for the first half of 2024. Learn more.

              How start-up collaborations can jump-start digital transformation in PE

              By partnering with start-ups to accelerate digital capabilities, private equity (PE) funds can scale portfolio companies more quickly and with less capital expenditure.

              Are you exploring the future or just visiting?

              Our 2021 Global Private Equity Survey shows that private equity firms navigated the challenges of 2020 relatively well, but they can’t stop now.

                Our latest thinking and case studies

                Case study: How collaborating on tax operations powers a focus on strategy and growth

                The multibillion-dollar acquisition of Scripps by Discovery enabled them to reimagine the tax function and create a more adaptive enterprise.

                If you were able to look into the future, could you capitalize on it?

                Never has capital investment been more significant for TMT companies. A robust approach translates to a competitive advantage.

                How blockchain helped a gaming platform become a game changer

                Microsoft Xbox and EY implemented a transparent blockchain network so game publishers, creators and asset owners can focus on the future.

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