EY Alliances

Our global alliances help us to accelerate client innovation and digital transformation.

Through our strategic relationships, we help our clients maximize their current and future technology investments and drive better business outcomes. Our strategic relationships expand EY’s digital capabilities and the range of services we can offer our clients.

EY Alliances: helping to transform organizations

In this Transformative Age, the blend of technology and business innovation is revolutionizing how organizations operate, compete and deliver products and services. Through our strategic relationships with technology and industry leaders and a host of businesses with specialized capabilities, we blend powerful technology, distinctive capabilities and industry experience to help our clients address their toughest challenges. We collaborate to create pioneering solutions, powered by leading and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things and cybersecurity. Our offerings address a broad range of client needs, including helping them turn insights into business breakthroughs, accelerating their supply chain strategies, and modernizing their finance and accounting processes.

EY and our alliances fuel digital transformation. Together, we help our clients find new ways to achieve a successful digital transformation and co-innovate to address these challenges with modern and adaptive methods.

Greg Sarafin

EY Global Alliances Leader


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