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The bank of the future will integrate disruptive technologies with an ecosystem of partners to transform their business and achieve growth.

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How banking leaders are reimagining transformation programs

In this special episode, moderated by FT Longitude, Yianna Papanikolaou, Chief Transformation Officer at Westpac Group, and Andrew Gilder, EY Asia-Pacific Banking and Capital Markets Leader, discuss banking transformation.

25 Apr 2023 19m 32s

Why today’s banking CRO must be master of many trades

The EY/IIF global risk management survey results surface new challenges faced by today’s CRO as their strategic and tactical remit expands. Read more.

06 Feb 2024 Jan Bellens + 2

How financial firms can prepare for the 2024 regulatory landscape

Financial services firms will need to prioritize both event-driven and existing regulations to capitalize on untapped opportunities. Learn more.

04 Dec 2023 Jan Bellens + 4

Why financial institutions should transform tax and finance functions

EY research shows banks, asset managers and insurance companies are reimagining their tax and finance functions. Read more.

16 Nov 2023 EY Global

Four enablers for harnessing the power of PayTech

Payments providers need to consider customer experience design, risk, technology, and data and analytics to achieve smart growth. Read our latest article.

28 Sep 2023 Jan Bellens + 1

How banks are staking a claim in the embedded finance ecosystem

Finance in the experience age heralds a new era for customers and banks alike, with embedded finance the key to success. Learn more.

05 Jun 2023 EY Global

Three ways to unleash the power of people in banking transformation

Banks need to adopt a fail-fast culture, actively engage employees and diversify employee backgrounds and skillsets. Learn more.

17 Mar 2023 Jan Bellens + 2

Five ways to commit to customer centricity in banking transformation

An alarmingly high number of transformations are unsuccessful. Could a laser focus on customer centricity be the key to success? Learn more.

28 Feb 2023 Jan Bellens + 1

8 areas of change for financial services regulatory policy in 2023

The EY 2023 Global financial services regulatory outlook highlights eight areas where policies are changing within the context of increased regulation. Read more.

18 Jan 2023 Christopher Woolard CBE + 2

If transformation needs to be bold, do banks have the right tools for success?

EY discussions with banking transformation leaders across the globe uncover six recommendations for overhauling organizational change. Learn more.

10 Jan 2023 Jan Bellens + 4

    Explore our case studies

    Using AI to augment pricing intelligence for banks

    How an AI-powered digital tool, Smart Advisor (SA), helped one bank deliver better client service while maximizing value creation.

    27 Dec 2023 Matt Cox + 2

    How a new technology platform can help banks unlock financing for SMEs

    The Cashbot platform offers banks an online invoice finance solution for SME clients.

    12 Oct 2023 EY Global

    How a global FinTech captured growth in the SME segment

    A global Fintech captured growth in an opportunistic SME segment with a differentiated, holistic strategy. Learn more in this case study.

    14 Sep 2023 Matt Cox + 2

    How the right conversations can empower finance transformation strategies

    Companies need more open dialog about how to effectively implement new technology. Finding the headspace for these conversations is key.

    29 May 2023 Janine Donelly + 2

    How privacy and consent built customer trust for a financial institution

    EY Nexus for Banking helped a financial institution with a privacy initiative that uses transparency to build trust and brand loyalty. Read the case study.

    01 Mar 2023 David Deane + 4

    Using AI to improve a bank’s agent effectiveness

    Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, one bank mined sales agents’ calls for performance-boosting insights. Learn more in this case study.

    17 Jan 2023

    Case study: How smart technology helped Fiserv accelerate M&A strategy

    Multi-billion-dollar mergers are fraught with complexity, but smart digital platforms can accelerate your deal strategy from design to delivery. Learn more.

    30 Mar 2022 EY Global

    See more, spend less: How to make the most out of your legal function

    EY teams helped a global bank embrace innovation to develop a legal operations platform to speed up their process and cost optimization. Learn more.

    27 Jan 2022 Yacine Benyaa + 2

    How intelligent automation can empower employees to drive greater value

    A banking client wanted to automate some of their business processes: EY provided a route to a much more comprehensive vision of automation.

    14 Jul 2021 Dr.Patrice Latinne + 2

    How tax managed services can accelerate banks’ transformation programs

    Managed services are an alternative way for a bank’s tax and finance function to meet risk and governance responsibilities effectively.

    17 May 2021 John Thomopoulos + 1

    How a social media firm created Korea’s fastest growing bank

    In building Korea’s first mobile-only bank, kakaobank questioned the purpose of a banking business and created a people-first proposition.

    24 Feb 2021 Jan Bellens

    How digital transformation is redesigning trade finance

    Banks that adopt an agile, design-based approach to digital transformation can boost the success of their trade finance functions.

    30 Oct 2020 Andrew Gilder + 4

    Is your back-office holding your business back?

    Back-office operations must be capable of supporting evolving product development to help meet a business’s growth ambitions.

    22 Sep 2020 EY Global

    What banks can learn from tech companies on sales force transformation

    The EY team helped a Fintech company remodel its sales operations, uncovering many lessons for banks with sales function inefficiencies.

    21 Sep 2020 Juan Carlos Lopez + 4

    How to transform product development to outperform the competition

    EY Nexus is a cloud-based platform offering access to the most advanced technologies to launch new products, businesses and services.

    01 Sep 2020 Ryan Battles + 3

    Why real-time customer journey curation is the future of banking

    EY Nexus for Banking platform was key to transforming one traditional bank into a future-ready, digital bank of tomorrow.

    26 Aug 2020 Nigel Moden + 4

    How a prudent cost reduction strategy proved integral to a bank’s growth opportunity

    We helped a leading global retail bank design a cost transformation strategy that delivered results.

    20 Aug 2020 Jan Bellens + 1

    How technology is reducing trade finance risk and compliance costs

    EY’s Trade Risk Analytics Compliance Kit helps global banks to combine analytics with risk management to increase automation.

    29 Jul 2020 Andrew Gilder + 1

    How a new technology platform is helping banks go digital

    The EY Impresto platform is a mobile-first, AI-optimized tool for addressing some of banks’ biggest challenges.

    30 Jan 2020 EY Global

    How the world’s first behavioral bank is focusing on customer needs

    Improving customers’ financial health required a bold, new approach to building the world’s first behavioral bank.

    16 Sep 2019 Jay Pather

    How both banks and customers can seize the upside of disruption

    Instead of shying away from disruption, one bank decided to embrace its benefits from the inside out.

    12 Aug 2019 EY Global

    How Cognitive Investigator is taking a bite out of financial crime

    Discover how EY teams helped a global bank implement advanced technologies to improve quality and consistency as they fight financial crime.

    15 May 2019 Jake Jacobson + 2

      Discover EY Nexus for Banking and Capital Markets

      A transformative solution that helps banks design, build, launch and enhance propositions at the speed of their customers’ ever-shifting expectations. A mature solution with proven capabilities.

      EY named Market Leader in the HFS Horizons Report

      The Best Service Providers for Retail Banks, 2023 report.

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