EY Energy Industry Cloud for SAP solutions

Our outcomes-focused approach to SAP transformation unlocks more value, reduces disruption and gives energy and resources companies the power to transform for the future.

Accelerating the energy transition and improving operational performance

At EY, we’re helping power and utilities, oil and gas, and mining and metals companies reshape for the future while meeting the commercial imperatives of today.

For many, SAP will be at the core of the change, providing the platform, technology and flexibility to adopt the new digital business models that will determine sustainable success. EY Energy Industry Cloud for SAP solutions draws on EY award-winning collaboration with SAP to help maximize the value of SAP and drive organization-wide change by:

  • Defining a tailored roadmap: Considering technology transformation alongside the change management and training critical to a successful transition. We help companies take a long-term view, using SAP to build a stronger, sustainable financial performance and meet environmental, social and governance goals.

  • Focusing on tangible business outcomes: Delivering results quickly and continuously to build buy-in for the ongoing transformation. We focus innovation and custom development on those areas that deliver the most business benefit and build in the flexibility to adapt or alter capabilities as requirements change.

  • Putting people at the center of change: Bringing teams along on the journey, building trust, proficiency, and the mindset to meet changing customer and stakeholder needs.

  • Automating commodity IT delivery: EY Intelligent Transformation Platform (ITP). ITP fast tracks analysis, migration and testing, allowing us to accelerate the commodity IT aspects of delivery and free up focus on those areas that add real value.

  • Offering ready-to-go SAP-integrated intelligent solutions: Allowing for rapid implementation of end-to-end sector specific business processes. These include fully configured SAP systems and EY Industry Cloud extensions, that leverage EY services such as tax and cybersecurity and include industry-specific offerings.

Looking to improve your operational performance?

Learn how energy and resources companies accelerate the energy transition and adopt emerging technologies at speed.

EY SAP Intelligent Oil and Gas

SAP S/4HANA-based and RISE with SAP-compatible, this sector-specific solution covers leading SAP practices and products, such as SAP Analytics Cloud® and SAP Fiori®. Value-adding innovations complete this suite, supporting oil and gas companies across all upstream, midstream and downstream functions.

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EY SAP Intelligent Power and Utilities

This end-to-end offering, designed to support power and utilities companies, leverages key SAP products, such as SAP Sales and Service Cloud®,SAP Field Service Management®, and SAP Analytics Cloud®.


These are complemented by an extensive suite of sector-specific innovations delivering additional value for power and utilities companies, including:

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