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Trade forms the backbone of the world’s economies, spurring investment, job creation, economic growth, and raising standards of living.

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Tradewatch global Insight

TradeWatch Global Insights 

The latest issue of TradeWatch outlines key legislative and administrative developments for customs and international trade, featuring insights and tax alerts from our network of global trade professionals around the world. A special chapter on sustainability closes this edition.

The Global Insights section of our latest TradeWatch publication covers a wide range of trade topics and developments from around the world. On the agenda of this Issue 3:

  • Harmonized System review cycle extended to 2028
  • How disruption is shaping opportunities for global trade
  • How trade functions are transforming the ‘new normal’

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Tradewatch Americas

TradeWatch Americas Insights 

Under our Americas chapter, focus is on:

  • Under our Americas chapter, focus is on:
  • The LATAM advantage: A look at the region’s thriving Free Trade Zones
  • Brazil: A step toward continuous improvement with enhancement of the AEO program
  • Colombia: Crypto assets cannot be used as a means of payment for foreign trade operations

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TradeWatch Asia-Pacific Insights

The Asia-Pacific chapter features articles on:

  • The interplay between transfer pricing and customs valuation in Asia-Pacific;
  • Japan’s new definition of Importer of Record;
  • Vietnam’s draft proposal to abolish some on-the-spot export-import transactions;
  • Also in Vietnam, trends in customs valuation for imported goods

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TradeWatch EMEIA Insights

Under the EMEIA chapter, authors discuss the impact on business of some key topics, including:

  • EU: proposed customs reform — a modern approach to e-commerce
  • UAE: navigating the GCC Common Customs Law — complying with the new tax landscape
  • UK: an overview of the Electronic Trade Documents Act
  • Update on the UK-EU Windsor Framework

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In this edition of TradeWatch, we highlight some key sustainability topics and issues impacting the trade function, including:

  • How tax departments should prepare for CBAM
  • The role of customs and trade functions in the ESG era
  • Australia considers CBAM to address carbon leakage
  • EU: CBAM in force
  • EU: Commission and Council take steps as part of the Circular Economy Action Plan with new rules on textiles and batteries
  • UK: reducing waste
  • US: Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act in action - updated guidance and trends

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TradeFlash October 2023

Welcome to the newest edition of the TradeFlash newsletter, a roundup of the latest developments in global trade around the world.

Global Trade trends — including trade disruption, customs valuation, transfer pricing, and the interplay between trade policy and the ESG agenda — will continue to influence the trade policies of governments and the trade strategies of corporations into 2024 and beyond.

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    Walter De Wit

    EY Global Trade Indirect Tax Partner

    Experienced partner and thought leader in indirect tax and global trade. Family man. Father of three sons. Loves golf, hiking and wine.

    Amsterdam, NLD
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