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Our latest thinking

How to accelerate transition finance for net zero

Learn why FIs need to operate iteratively to effect transition finance at pace and scale in a complex ecosystem.

20 Nov 2023 Gill Lofts

Why should financial institutions be on a mission to reduce emissions?

Accelerating decarbonization is urgent. Learn why private sector institutions must play a key role in addressing the current shortfalls in climate finance.

08 Nov 2023 Gill Lofts + 3

    Our latest thinking

    Five priorities for harnessing the power of GenAI in banking

    For banks with the right strategy, talent and technology, GenAI can transform operations and help reimagine future business models. Learn more.

    28 Nov 2023 Jan Bellens + 1

    How banking on Gen Z talent will make or break the future of banking

    To attract talent with tomorrow’s skills, banks will need to win over a Gen Z workforce. Learn more.

    10 Jul 2023 Jan Bellens + 3

    How banks are staking a claim in the embedded finance ecosystem

    Finance in the experience age heralds a new era for customers and banks alike, with embedded finance the key to success. Learn more.

    05 Jun 2023 EY Global

    If transformation needs to be bold, do banks have the right tools for success?

    EY discussions with banking transformation leaders across the globe uncover six recommendations for overhauling organizational change. Learn more.

    10 Jan 2023 Jan Bellens + 4

    How the rise of PayTech is reshaping the payments landscape

    PayTech’s relentless disruption of the payments landscape means that only PSPs that offer value beyond payments can compete. Learn more.

    21 Oct 2022 Alla Gancz + 4

      Our latest thinking

      How increased trust and transparency can unlock growth

      Explore the EY Global Insurance Industry Outlook. Learn more.

      29 Nov 2023 Isabelle Santenac + 3

      How life insurers are transforming to deliver value for better living

      Shifting customer expectations and a focus on value are reshaping the dynamic commercial insurance and reinsurance markets. Learn more.

      17 Jul 2023 + 1

      Four focal points for commercial insurance and reinsurance leaders

      Shifting customer expectations and a focus on value are reshaping the dynamic commercial and reinsurance markets. Learn more.

      16 Mar 2023 Simon Burtwell

        Our latest thinking

        How wealth managers can secure assets in flux

        Learn how asset movement creates opportunities for wealth managers.

        24 Apr 2023 Mike Lee + 3

        How can today’s millennial investors drive tomorrow’s business growth? 

        The 2023 EY Global Wealth Research shines a light on unique features of younger investors. How can wealth managers build trust with this vital group?

        24 Apr 2023 Mike Lee + 3

        Six ways asset managers can prepare for an uncertain future

        Taking decisive steps to stand out and succeed in a fast-changing world. Learn more.

        02 Feb 2023 Mike Lee + 2

        Can resilience shape a shifting landscape?

        Investors remain interested in alternative funds, and managers focus on their traditional strengths while responding to market opportunities. Read more.

        15 Nov 2022 Natalie Jaros + 3

          Sustainability in financial services

          Discover how we are building a better financial services industry – one that is stronger, fairer and more sustainable.


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          EY Nexus for Financial Services

          EY Nexus accelerates innovation, unlocks value in ecosystems and powers frictionless customer experiences.


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          Explore our case studies

          How a global FinTech captured growth in the SME segment

          A global Fintech captured growth in an opportunistic SME segment with a differentiated, holistic strategy. Learn more in this case study.

          14 Sep 2023 Matt Cox + 2

          Transforming a private bank for customer centricity and innovation

          EY teams helped a leading private bank blend a high-touch and high-tech visionary approach. Learn more in this case study.

          21 Jul 2023 Mike Lee + 2

          How privacy and consent built customer trust for a financial institution

          EY Nexus for Banking helped a financial institution with a privacy initiative that uses transparency to build trust and brand loyalty. Read the case study.

          01 Mar 2023 David Deane + 4

          Using AI to improve a bank’s agent effectiveness

          Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, one bank mined sales agents’ calls for performance-boosting insights. Learn more in this case study.

          17 Jan 2023

          How to transform product development to outperform the competition

          EY Nexus is a cloud-based platform offering access to the most advanced technologies to launch new products, businesses and services.

          01 Sep 2020 Ryan Battles + 3

          Why real-time customer journey curation is the future of banking

          EY Nexus for Banking platform was key to transforming one traditional bank into a future-ready, digital bank of tomorrow.

          26 Aug 2020 Nigel Moden + 4

          How technology is reducing trade finance risk and compliance costs

          EY’s Trade Risk Analytics Compliance Kit helps global banks to combine analytics with risk management to increase automation.

          29 Jul 2020 Andrew Gilder + 1

          How a new technology platform is helping banks go digital

          The EY Impresto platform is a mobile-first, AI-optimized tool for addressing some of banks’ biggest challenges.

          30 Jan 2020 EY Global

            Explore our case studies

            How a modern CRM platform can help transform a firm’s business model

            An end-to-end transformation of a wealth management company’s CRM platform is creating powerful tools to provide hyper-personalization.

            30 Jan 2023 Paul Kelly

            How data modernization can benefit advisors and clients

            Creating a modern data architecture has enabled a wealth manager to provide a consistent digital experience. Learn more in this case study.

            28 Sep 2022 Gurdeep Batra + 2

            How standardization can build a platform for growth

            Across three continents, a leading asset manager bridged the gap by building a truly global operating model.

            01 Jul 2021 Thomas Arnold

            Taking a strategic view to transform costs for a global asset manager

            Using a strategic approach to cost transformation can create significant and sustainable benefits. Learn more.

            13 Jul 2020 Alex Birkin + 4

              Explore our case studies

              How an insurance business digitally transformed in under a year

              An MGA achieved an end-to-end digital transformation in just 10 months by implementing an innovative modular technology platform. Read our case study.

              27 Apr 2023 David Connolly + 1

              Redefining the insurance industry through digital transformation

              We help build a digital NewCo based on simplicity, transparency and trust.

              01 Jun 2020 David Connolly

                Ecosystems in Financial Services

                Explore how harnessing the power of digital ecosystems can make finance effortless and create value for all stakeholders.

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