Tax technology and data

Technology defines and underpins the workings of the new digital tax function, making it possible to answer the mandates of the global digital economy. Managing tax big data enables efficient compliance and provides insights that facilitate strategic business decisions.

What EY can do for you

Connected is the new normal. And that has never been more important to the tax department than it is today. Digital disruption brings global connectedness, linking customers and clients, enterprises with tax authorities, tax functions with enterprise stakeholders, thus shaping new working relationships, business and operating models and driving the move toward a hyper-connected global economy.

Ready or not, the tax function is rapidly becoming digital as well. Your organization must adapt to keep pace with disruptive technologies, increasing digital and regulatory standards, and mandates for reporting and exchanging financial information.

There is an upside to this disruption, which we call Connected Tax. It’s the new paradigm for tax, bolstered by a centralized, well-governed and simplified tax data environment that helps the tax function drive value, manage costs and mitigate risk for the enterprise, whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 100 company.

EY‘s Tax Technology and Transformation (TTT) network is organized to help you navigate the rapid innovation in operations, harness the potential of data, and address the new and unprecedented challenges, risks and opportunities that come with change of this magnitude. We bring together more than 1,000 tax transformation strategists and innovation and technology professionals to help you draft and execute on a Connected Tax operational strategy and from incremental improvements to full-scale transformation.

2020 Tax Technology and Transformation Survey report

Our 2020 survey of 100 of the largest multinational companies finds that tax functions are investing heavily to close a data and technology gap.

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EY and Thomson Reuters alliance

EY’s new alliance with Thomson Reuters brings ONESOURCE tax technology to EY clients.


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