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We support board members in their oversight role by helping them address complex boardroom issues.

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The Global Center for Board Matters encourages board directors to think critically about the role they play in creating a positive legacy, and shaping the future of the organizations and the societies they serve.

The role of the board is fully in focus as society shifts in a post-pandemic world. It is crucial for boards to adopt a futurist, inclusive and purposeful mindset, and stay up-to-date with the latest insights on #boardmatters.

One of the board’s key roles is to ensure the health and prosperity of an organization while helping deliver value back to stakeholders. It means creating long-term value.

Our latest thinking

How private boards unlock value by elevating risk management

Private boards can unlock value by elevating risk management. Learn more.

EMEIA board priorities 2024

In today’s demanding economic and geopolitical environment, boards are playing a critical advisory role. Find out more.

Asia-Pacific Board Priorities 2024

Asia-Pacific boards prioritize economic conditions amidst volatility. Longer-term priorities such as climate change, should be accelerated.

How can boards convert sustainability from a wish to a winning reality?

Boards must lead a decisive sustainability agenda or face a constrained future, finds the EY Europe Long-Term Value and Corporate Governance Survey. Read more.

Americas board priorities 2024

Find out what board members in the Americas consider to be top priorities for 2024.

What if the difference between adversity and advantage is a resilient board?

Boards must improve resilience to mitigate risk and gain a competitive advantage. Find out how.

The Board Imperative: Is your people strategy human enough?

The employer and employee relationship has shifted. Boards can continue to play a role in improving it. Find out how.

EMEIA board priorities 2023: how to shape tomorrow’s board agenda today

The 2023 board priorities provide insights into key themes boards of companies in EMEIA should focus on for the year ahead. Learn more.

Asia-Pacific board priorities 2023: How to create clarity amid ambiguity

Discover what Asia-Pacific board directors will be focused on in 2023.

Americas board priorities 2023: How to build resiliency in uncertain times

Discover what Americas board directors will be focused on in 2023. Learn more.

The Board Imperative: Further unlock the strategic value of CHROs

Find out how boards and Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) should support and challenge each other to get the most out of a shifting talent dynamic.

The Board Imperative: Partner with CSOs to drive value-led sustainability

Find out how boards can collaborate with Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) to help organizations realize the benefits of ESG and mitigate the risks.

The Board Imperative: Champion CROs to boost risk governance and growth

Boards can bolster resilience, seize new opportunities and create long-term value by collaborating with and further empowering their CRO. Learn more.


    2024 Board Priorities

    The EY Center for Board Matters provides boards with relevant and timely actions as well as questions to consider in 2024 and beyond.

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