Today and tomorrow, successful retailers will be those that achieve the perfect balance between relevance, agility, efficiency and risk.

Transforming Retail Podcast

Our panel of professionals share insights on global retail challenges — from the changing consumer to tech-enabled transformation.

Our latest thinking

Is data delivering an improved customer experience?

In this episode, we discuss whether data really holds the key to capturing the voice of the customer, enhancing their shopping experience. Listen now.

15 Feb 2023 25m 4s

Transforming retail podcast

In this episode of the Transforming retail podcast, panelists share their experiences from store tours around different locations in London. Listen now.

16 Dec 2022 19m 25s

Fashioning a sustainable future for an online clothing retailer

EY has helped fashion retailer ASOS to identify opportunities to unlock value, making it more resilient and better prepared for the future.. Learn more.

16 Nov 2023 Silvia Rindone

What will the metaverse bring to the future of retail?

We discuss the potential of the metaverse for retailers and what it could mean for the shopping experience. Listen now.

23 May 2023 17m 47s

How to serve consumers who rely on tech, but don’t trust tech

Our global research shows how digital is transforming the consumer and why relationships shaped by trust, respect and value are critical. Learn more.

16 May 2023 Kristina Rogers

Reframing the future of an iconic skiwear brand

EY-Parthenon helped BOGNER return to profitability in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more.

26 Apr 2023 Falco Weidemeyer

How retailers’ value propositions need to evolve for success

As consumer expectations evolve, retailers are under pressure to deliver authentic, customer-centric value propositions. Find out more.

17 Feb 2023 Thomas Harms + 2

When experience defines how consumers buy, what will retailers sell?

Instead of the “store” of the future, retailers should be thinking about the “space” of the future. Find out more.

01 Apr 2022 Thomas Harms + 4

How will customer-first technology create retailer value that lasts?

Retailers must build technology foundations for the future to respond to changing consumer behaviors and expectations around how they shop. Find out how.

24 Jan 2022 Michael Renz + 2

How the retail power of many is stronger than the power of one

As consumers increasingly choose to shop online, smaller retailers may need a network of partners to compete against the e-commerce giants. Learn more.

11 May 2021 Ludwig Voll + 1

How retailers can integrate into consumer lives at scale

To be truly relevant, retailers need to transform their technology and focus on creating value customers appreciate. Learn more.

23 Apr 2021 Michael Renz + 4

    How will customer-first technology create retailer value that lasts?

    Consumers expect more from retailers than ever before – it’s time for retail businesses to maximize technology to evolve for the future.

    Our global team

    Kristina Rogers

    EY Global Consumer Leader

    Global leader for consumer industries. Marketing strategist. Worked in 20 countries. Harvard MBA. Photographer. Scuba diver. Canadian fiction reader. Mother of two.

    Chicago, USA

    Michael Renz

    EY Global Retail Technology Leader

    Focused on transforming business from the inside out. Agent of change. Mindful of people impact. Skier. Dad.

    Heilbronn, DEU

    Silvia Rindone

    EY UK&I Strategy and Transactions Managing Partner

    Strategic mind with a pragmatic spin. Intellectually curious. Mother of two. Passion for art, food and travel.

    London, GBR

    David Naim

    EY WEM Consumer Product & Retail Consulting Services Leader and WEM Digital Services Leader

    Helping companies thrive in the Digital Age. Passionate about consumer products and retail. Entrepreneur and innovator. Literature lover, all kinds.

    Paris La Défense, FRA

    Pinakiranjan Mishra

    EY India Consumer Leader; EY EMEIA Consumer Market Segment Leader

    Photographer. Traveler.

    Mumbai, IND

    Olivier Gergele

    Asia-Pacific EY-Parthenon Consumer Leader; EY Asean Consumer Products & Retail Leader

    20+ years of consulting, consumer and retail industry experience. Deep knowledge of developed and developing markets. Lived and worked in Asia, Europe and South America. Warwick MBA. Husband. Father.

    Singapore, SGP

    Ravi Kapoor

    EY Middle East & North Africa, Consumer Products & Retail, Consulting Leader

    Problem solver. Focus on the human aspect of change to enable empathetic transformation programs in organizations. Team creator. Model railroader. Spiritualist.

    Dubai, ARE