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What EY Strategy and Transactions advanced analytics teams can do for you

CEOs are faced with complex challenges and significant opportunities in today’s data-saturated world. Executives need to navigate heightened competitive pressures, changing customer behaviors, accelerated technological transformation and a new war for talent, as well as increasing geopolitical concerns and a new regulatory landscape. In addition, they also need to address the commercial and operational aspects of critical climate challenges.

EY teams manage, curate and interrogate data at optimized speed to deliver intelligent insight-driven services that clients need today to help prepare them for a better tomorrow. From corporate strategy to capital allocation to M&A, EY Strategy and Transactions advanced analytics teams underpin and inform planning through to execution to help create bespoke, sector-driven value for EY clients. 

Making the right data-driven strategic decisions starts with a deep functional understanding of your sector and what data should be analyzed to help ensure you are asking the right questions of the right information to get to the right answers. We know that data can be misunderstood, mis-analyzed or simply overlooked, creating risk as well as missed opportunity. 

We harness technology, data and human insight to help improve your level of confidence in critical strategic, operational and commercial decisions. We help you better understand and mitigate risk — and maximize opportunities with sector-specific experience.

Five reasons why Strategy and Transactions advanced analytics help create value through connected intelligent insights

EY advanced analytics teams help find better answers to some of EY clients’ toughest questions — and sometimes questions they didn’t know they needed to ask themselves. These include:

  • Is my biggest issue the opportunity I can’t clearly see?
  • How can I improve my portfolio strategy, using all available data to identify over- and under-performing businesses?
  • How can advanced analytics help me enhance value creation and anticipate external market and internal operational trends?
  • How can I use analytics throughout the acquisition process to determine value, synergies and risks and ensure the deal delivers maximum value?
  • How can I best use data to maximize the number of buyers and the purchase price for assets I plan to divest?
  • How do I create an ESG and sustainability strategy and ambition that delivers competitive advantage while protecting value for stakeholders?

Advanced analytics to help turn your data into connected intelligent insights

EY Strategy and Transactions advanced analytics team

Adrian Nicholls

EY Global Valuation, Modeling & Economics Leader

Decades of valuation experience working across sectors and geographies for a range of purposes, from portfolio optimization to M&A to dispute. Married with two teenage children.

London, GBR

Traci Gusher

EY Americas Data and Analytics Leader

Uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to bring value to clients’ challenging issues and opportunities. Experienced triathlete. Passionate about animal rescue and cancer research.

Philadelphia, USA

Gary Nicholson

EY Asia-Pacific Transactions and Corporate Finance Leader

Helps companies to grow, divest and merge; founders to realize the value in their business; and corporates to raise capital. Trusted by governments to provide transparency and insights.

Melbourne, AUS

Sebastian Schmidt

EY Europe West SaT Data Analytics Leader; EY Germany SaT Valuation, Modelling & Economics Leader

Experienced transactions advisor. Views transparency in management decisions as an important factor for sustainable strategies. Music fan, runner and mountain biker.

Berlin, DEU

Tony Qui

EY Global Strategy and Transactions, Chief Innovation Officer

Passionate digital leader and innovator transforming companies in disruptive growth through M&A, partnership and JVs. Connector of corporates and start-ups. Proud father of two children.

London, GBR

Malinda Gentry

EY Global Strategy and Transactions Analytics Leader

Passionate about innovation. Early adopter of new and disruptive technology. Focused on helping individuals build sustainable and meaningful careers. Loves travel, scuba diving and salsa dancing.

Chicago, USA

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