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How CHROs can leverage mobility to evolve workforce strategy

Learn why CHROs should consider the evolution of workforce mobility as a necessary path to better outcomes.

How can the moments that threaten your transformation define its success?

Leaders that put humans at the center to navigate turning points are 12 times more likely to significantly improve transformation performance. Learn More.

How private boards unlock value by elevating risk management

Private boards can unlock value by elevating risk management. Learn more.

A practical guide to EU business travel and posted worker compliance

This guide provides practical insights into obligations and considerations for posted workers and the return to business travel in Europe.

How artificial intelligence can augment a people-centered workforce

AI is disrupting approaches to talent strategy, risk and resilience. Learn why it’s crucial to blend operational gains with a people-first mindset.

How can a rebalance of power help re-energize your workforce?

Explore the EY 2023 Work Reimagined Survey with global insights from 17,050 employees, and 1,575 employers, revealing the contours of workforce realities.

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How workforce sustainability will transform the energy industry

The energy industry faces an inflection point for sustainability. Learn more about aligning new technologies with a skilled and value-driven workforce.

How can reimagined mobility help organizations see reward and not risk?

Unlock insights from the EY 2023 Mobility Reimagined Survey showing workforce mobility’s reality doesn’t always live up to potential. Read more.

How to transform your organization in turbulent times

When turbulence is the new normal, organizations need to balance short-term action with long-term strategy. Learn how to transform amid economic headwinds.

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    How Microsoft built a new mobility model for cross-border talent

    Learn how professionals from EY and Microsoft challenged old assumptions about workforce mobility, creating a forward-thinking and data-rich platform.

    How a cosmetics giant’s transformation strategy is unlocking value

    Shiseido, the largest Japanese beauty company, is reimagining its functions, processes and systems to create a global operating model. Learn more.

    How Takeda accelerated the financial close process by nearly two weeks

    In this case study, learn how leading pharmaceutical company Takeda is creating value for patients through finance innovation and process excellence.

    How Yara centralized their HR operations

    EY teams helped Yara redefine its HR operations and better integrate them across borders, freeing up time for HR to focus on strategic tasks.

    How real-time data improved diversity and inclusion policies

    Data, analytics and a desire to embrace inclusivity transformed a consumer products company’s D&I program into an organization-wide cultural movement.

    How EY built a better working world with its people at the center

    EY People Advisory Services helped strengthen transformation efforts by delivering a change experience grounded in data and creativity. Learn more.

    How EY is delivering an exceptional experience for its workforce

    Learn how EY People Advisory Services has helped the global EY organization realize one of the largest end-to-end HR transformations on record.

      EY 2024 Mobility Reimagined Conference

      Join us to learn how Mobility functions can evolve and thrive with a workforce in flux.

      EY Mobility Pathway: global workforce management tool

      EY Mobility Pathway gives you the pathway to tackle complex global workforce mobility needs and keep your workforce moving.

      EY Skills Foundry™: workforce upskilling and reskilling platform

      EY Skills Foundry is an upskilling and reskilling platform that builds the workforce of tomorrow, today.

      EY People Experience Platform

      The EY People Experience Platform combines enterprise data providing actionable insights that deliver business results. Workforce Workforce is a digital worker solution to help increase capacity and productivity for the HR function. 

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