When we invest in and enhance people’s success, we help drive value creation with EY clients.

Randy Beck

EY Global and Americas Organization and People Field of Play Leader

Insightful and client-focused leader. Agile in fields of play and the soccer field.

Randy is the EY Global and Americas Organization and People Field of Play Leader. He works with companies worldwide to increase productivity and profitability by enhancing the talent in their organizations.

Bringing over 20 years of consulting experience, Randy has emerged as a thought leader on change management, leadership development, succession planning and talent management. His insights and guidance in these areas have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, among other publications.

Randy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Michigan State University​, and a Master of Science Accounting in Business Administration from Central Michigan University.

How Randy is building a better working world

“Strong and sustainable financial performance requires making employees and customers the top priority. Taking a path where we put humans at the center is how we turn aspirations into reality.

My approach is to create an inclusive and fun environment where all ideas are welcome. This provides support for each associate to be at their best and help manage their wellbeing. When people are empowered to bring their talents to clients, they realize they are able to change the world a little to a lot each day with the work they do.”

Randy's latest thinking

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