Disruptive innovation is changing the way the world works. And it’s creating opportunity, but only for those who can keep up with the pace or reinvent themselves to thrive. 

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    Investing in technology and people to create innovation “superheroes”

    In this Heidrick & Struggles podcast, Jeff Wong discusses the EY innovation ecosystem and the importance of investing in not just technology but also people in order to succeed in a disruptive environment.

    Game on! Navigating the hype vs value curve of the Metaverse with Jeff Wong

    Jeff Wong, EY’s Global Chief Innovation Officer and technology enthusiast joins Better Innovation host Jeff Saviano for a fascinating and fluid conversation about the Metaverse.

    Explore EY Blockchain Platforms

    Our blockchain solutions can help transform the business lifecycle for digital ecosystems.

    GigNow: developing a network of contractor talent

    With GigNow, we’re working to build a more flexible workforce model that taps into top talent. Access GigNow.

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