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Explore our global insights that look at how you can build confidence in AI, drive exponential value throughout your organization and deliver positive human impact.

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Building confidence

AI and Web3 mix could reshape business models

Organizations should explore the potential of combining AI and Web3 to expedite technology adoption and reinvent the rules of doing business. Learn more.

09 Feb 2024 Gautam Jaggi + 1

How your organization can have confidence in the opportunities AI brings

As interest in ethical AI explodes, the debate is shifting away from “trust” and towards “confidence”, helping unlock valuable use cases. Learn more.

15 Jan 2024 Beatriz Sanz Sáiz

G7 AI Principles and Code of Conduct

Learn more about the International Guiding Principles on AI and the Code of Conduct for AI developers that the G7 countries agreed on 30 October.

01 Dec 2023 EY Global

How to balance opportunity and risk in adopting disruptive technologies

Adopting disruptive technologies is a critical challenge for organizations seeking to drive stronger compliance strategy while embracing innovation. Learn more.

30 Nov 2023 Todd Marlin + 1

How organizations can shape the world of Responsible AI

In this episode of the EY Microsoft Tech Directions podcast, we discuss the latest GenAI approaches, methodologies, pitfalls and use cases. Learn more.

31 Oct 2023 45m 14s

Three significant shocks impacting search in the Generative AI era

Searching is ubiquitous in modern information intensive economies, shaping all variety of transactions from labor and product markets to e-commerce and social media.

How do you teach AI the value of trust?

The transformative potential of AI is high — but so are its risks. Can embedding trust from the start help your company reap AI’s rewards?

10 Mar 2021 Cathy Cobey + 1

    Creating value

    Harness the productivity potential of GenAI

    Explore the likelihood of future substantial productivity gains from the use of generative AI across sectors. Learn more.

    22 Mar 2024 Lydia Boussour

    Catalyze economic growth through capital investment in GenAI

    Boost to global GDP growth from increased investment in GenAI R&D, infrastructure, software creation and company adoption will be significant. Learn more.

    22 Mar 2024 Gregory Daco

    How GenAI changes the way CPG and retail operate — and consumers too

    As generative AI for business takes-off so do generative AI business use cases for retail and CPG. But GenAI will change consumer behavior too. Learn more.

    18 Mar 2024 John Dubois + 1

    Five priorities for winning with GenAI in wealth and asset management

    Wealth and asset managers have the opportunity to reimagine their business models and transform their operations with GenAI.

    12 Mar 2024 Mike Lee + 2

    How to build a foundation in AI to accelerate health transformation

    Using AI to speed health care transformation and add value will require executives to strategize current work and architect for the future. Learn more.

    04 Mar 2024 Aloha McBride

    Tech disruptions can inform the economic impact of AI

    Discover learnings from three key historical episodes of rapid technological change that may help predict the economic impact of AI.

    29 Feb 2024 Lydia Boussour

    How GenAI is reshaping private equity investment strategy

    A balanced approach to investment strategy is needed to defend against GenAI disruption while also driving portfolio performance. Learn more.

    16 Jan 2024 Bridget Walsh

    How to confidently use AI to create value

    Discover how GenAI could unlock exponential value, spark global economic growth and reboot productivity and GDP growth rates. Learn more.

    12 Jan 2024 Beatriz Sanz Sáiz

    How supply chains benefit from using generative AI

    Early use cases of generative AI in supply chains prove its worth in delivering cost savings and a simplified user experience. Read more.

    09 Jan 2024 Glenn Steinberg + 1

    How can the vantage of space give you strategic advantage on Earth?

    Satellite data offers incredible possibilities. Find out more and seize new opportunities for your organization. Learn more.

    13 Dec 2023 Nicola Morini Bianzino + 3

    How can AI help us accelerate the pace of change the world needs

    Realizing AI’s potential for sustainable value creation requires building confidence, taking a holistic approach and augmenting people. Learn more.

    05 Dec 2023 Amy Brachio + 2

    Five “no regret” actions for TMT companies to unlock generative AI’s potential

    Learn how Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecom companies can create value with generative AI.

    30 Nov 2023 Adrian Baschnonga + 4

    Five priorities for harnessing the power of GenAI in banking

    For banks with the right strategy, talent and technology, GenAI can transform operations and help reimagine future business models. Learn more.

    28 Nov 2023 Jan Bellens + 1

    How Europe’s FS leaders are approaching generative AI adoption

    Discover how financial services leaders are approaching generative AI adoption.

    06 Nov 2023 Ayman Awada

    What’s next for tech

    In this episode, the speakers discuss investing in the tech space. Learn more.

    30 Oct 2023 13m 56s

    If you could meet tomorrow’s consumers today, what would you ask?

    Using generative AI personas to bring to life tomorrow’s consumers today, we’re helping businesses shape preferable futures and stay relevant. Find out more.

    20 Oct 2023 Kristina Rogers + 1

    Five generative AI initiatives leaders should pursue now

    Learn how to move beyond quick efficiency gains to a cohesive AI strategy that maximizes your growth potential in a fast-changing space.

    05 Oct 2023 Jeff Wray + 2

    Three tailwinds for robotics adoption in 2024 and beyond

    As the world retools after the pandemic, more companies will soon be positioned to leverage robots —thanks to falling prices and AI advances. Find out more.

    15 Sep 2023 Jeff Wong + 1

    How emerging technologies can usher in the dawn of pervasive intelligence

    “Pervasive intelligence” will emerge through a massively distributed, digital connectivity and cloud fabric that will transform our economy. Find out more.

    08 Aug 2023 Fuad Siddiqui

    Why enabling AI’s full value requires top-down thinking

    To realize AI’s full potential, companies should develop AI capability in a way that is integrated and top down. Read more.

    24 May 2023 Dan Diasio

    How to create an AI strategy during peak AI

    From the doctor’s waiting room to the boardroom, AI is everywhere. Learn more.

    01 Mar 2023 Dan Diasio

      Augmenting people

      Why the human CFO is vital in the age of AI

      In this episode, Perry Wiggins, CFO at APQC, discusses technology’s impact on finance and what it means to be a human CFO. Learn more.

      11 Jan 2024 34m 5s

      How finance is important in the age of social media and AI

      In this episode of The Better Finance podcast, Myles Corson and Tom Hood discuss the evolving finance profession. Learn more.

      16 Aug 2023 35m 19s

      The AI moment is now: how businesses can ready their workforce

      EY teams have learned a lot from advancing AI capabilities across the 150 countries in which the organization operates. Learn more.

      05 Apr 2024 Trent Henry

      G7 AI Principles and Code of Conduct

      GenAI promises to augment less-experienced workers by pulling them towards the skill frontier. It supports social inclusion and economic growth. Learn more.

      18 Jan 2024 Beatriz Sanz Sáiz

      How GenAI is reshaping private equity investment strategy

      A balanced approach to investment strategy is needed to defend against GenAI disruption while also driving portfolio performance. Learn more.

      16 Jan 2024 Bridget Walsh

      How generative AI might help tax functions tackle challenges

      GenAI can automate tasks, summarize information and provide insights, but it needs a person’s input to optimize the technology. Learn more.

      10 Nov 2023 EY Global
        Young Chinese colleagues working together in a busy co-working space from above
        AI in recruitment: Lessons learned

        20 Feb 2024 | Featuring Dan Black

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        Man working at industrial robot in modern factory
        Robotics needs its ChatGPT moment

        19 Jan 2024 | Featuring Jeff Wong

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        Woman looking at see through screen showing global environmental data
        Six Trends Influencing GenAI

        06 Nov 2023 | Featuring Rodrigo Madanes

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        Photo taken in Gulong Soy Sauce cultural park in Xiamen, which is a free park in Tong'an District
        How CIOs can foster a top-down approach to AI

        01 Nov 2023 | Featuring Dan Diasio

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        UK, Essex, Harlow, elevated view of a woman working from home in her garden using a laptop computer, Woman working from home in her garden
        How Generative AI could disrupt creative work                          

        13 Apr 2023 | Featuring Nicola Morini Bianzino

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        Confident and responsible use of AI depends on sound public policy. EY engages with our global stakeholders to inform the development of AI policies that promote transparency, serve the public interest, foster trust in markets and build a better working world.

        Building the foundations for trusted artificial intelligence in the UK

        Response to government white paper: a pro-innovation approach to AI regulation

        Download pdf

        Adapting the UK's pro-innovation approach to AI regulation for foundation models

        Ten recommendations for UK policymakers to strengthen proposed regulatory approaches

        Download pdf

        Developing a US artificial intelligence accountability ecosystem

        AI accountability policy response to the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration

        Download pdf

        Safe and responsible AI in Australia

        Considerations for developing a robust governance framework based on ethical principles

        Download pdf

        G7 guiding principles for organizations developing advanced artificial intelligence

        Establishing guardrails on advanced global artificial intelligence systems

        Download pdf

        Frameworks for artificial intelligence in South Australia

        Establishing effective state and federal frameworks for ethical artificial intelligence use

        Download pdf

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