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How private boards unlock value by elevating risk management

Private boards can unlock value by elevating risk management. Learn more.

How do you steady the course of your IPO journey in a changing landscape?

EY Global IPO Trends Q1 2024 provides insights, facts and figures on the IPO market and implications for companies planning to go public. Learn more.

How can boards convert sustainability from a wish to a winning reality?

Boards must lead a decisive sustainability agenda or face a constrained future, finds the EY Europe Long-Term Value and Corporate Governance Survey. Read more.

Why CFO communication is important in driving organizational change

In this episode, Phil Shelley joins Myles Corson as they discuss how CFO communication can advance a company's vision. Listen now.

34m 16s

How will understanding climate risk move you from ambition to action?

The fifth EY Climate Risk Barometer shows an increase in companies reporting on climate but falling short of carbon ambitions. Learn more.

The CFO Imperative: How can bold CFOs reframe their role to optimize performance?

The EY DNA of the CFO Survey identifies key priorities for CFOs to drive bolder change in their finance teams and deliver better performance. Learn more.

How good governance can keep corporates clean from greenwashing

As ESG reporting becomes increasingly scrutinized, organizations should manage the potential perception of greenwashing. Read more.

How can better sustainability reporting mobilize companies and capital?

The EY Global Institutional Investor Survey examines how better ESG data and reporting can accelerate sustainability outcomes. Learn more.

EMEIA board priorities 2023: how to shape tomorrow’s board agenda today

The 2023 board priorities provide insights into key themes boards of companies in EMEIA should focus on for the year ahead. Learn more.

Global audit quality report 2022: A commitment to continuous improvement

The global audit quality report 2022 reaffirms our commitment to audit quality and continuous improvement. Learn more.

How can passion become the pulse of a sustainable future?

Lifelong passions have shaped both our professionals’ working lives and the support they offer EY clients. Learn more.

How can corporate reporting bridge the ESG trust gap?

The EY Global Corporate Reporting and Institutional Investor Survey finds a significant reporting disconnect with investors on ESG disclosures. Learn more.

Why biodiversity may be more important to your business than you realize

Businesses should act now to measure and mitigate their impact on biodiversity.

Tunnel vision or the bigger picture?

The EY Global Integrity Report 2022 reveals how a focus on governance can help reimagine corporate integrity.

The CFO Imperative: How do you transform data into insight?

Finance leaders should accelerate an enhanced approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. Find out more.

How can a high-quality audit help provide certainty in uncertain times?

The importance of quality has never been higher and continues to be the priority for EY teams through the Sustainable Audit Quality program. Learn more.

What to watch as global ESG reporting standards take shape

The launch of the International Sustainability Standards Board is a significant development in the transition toward a green economy.

How investors can help finance a green recovery

Investors are pursuing green recovery opportunities, but a long-term strategy could be needed to avoid a market bubble. Find out more.

Is your ESG data unlocking long-term value?

Better environmental, social and governance (ESG) insight and data analytics could be critical to delivering long-term value. Find out more.

Why climate change creates a need for better nonfinancial disclosures

There is an urgent need for the audit of the future to provide a better assessment of the climate risks faced by businesses. Learn more.

Why economic revival should be based on green growth

Climate-friendly investment projects are widely available and could help to stimulate a green recovery in a post-COVID-19 world. Learn more here.

Four ways for companies in emerging markets to prioritize integrity 

Discover how organizations operating in emerging markets can reduce misconduct, build trust and create long-term value.

To combat financial fraud in Europe, strengthen every line of defense

Reinforcing the roles of auditors, companies and regulators and expanding the use of technology in the audit can minimize financial reporting fraud risk.


Chief sustainability officers are helping to demonstrate why creating value from sustainability is an imperative for their organizations. Find out more.

Preventing and detecting fraud: how to strengthen the roles of companies, auditors and regulators

Find out why a reexamination is needed of how traditional audit procedures approach the risk of fraud.

How to prepare for year-end closing under COVID-19

Finance teams can learn from the experience of their peers who have already filed 2020 accounts during the pandemic. Find out more.

How to make the most of AI in corporate reporting

AI offers significant benefits to finance teams, but there are also risks that need to be mitigated. Watch the animation to learn more.

How AI will enable a better understanding of long-term value

AI will be a vital tool in the next generation of company key performance indicators involving trust, culture and ESG risks. Learn more.

Why it’s important to measure and report long-term value

The Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism is working to improve the way that businesses measure and report on the value they create.

How to audit the next generation of digital assets 

When auditors encounter digital assets, such as cryptocurrency in financial statements, do they audit them as cash, financial instruments or something else?

How can M&A accelerate private company growth?

The speed of disruption is forcing executives of private companies to examine their portfolio more frequently for risks and opportunities.

How artificial intelligence can help to measure long-term value

Companies are increasingly expected to demonstrate how they are creating long-term value, which means going beyond purely financial metrics and establishing new key performance indicators (KPIs). One of the challenges they face in doing so is accessing, and then analyzing, credible, comparable data. Artificial intelligence is proving to be a valuable tool here, as it can be used to read and analyze large volumes of data, helping to identify meaningful KPIs for

How digitalization impacts financial services companies and their audits

Just as technology is transforming the operations of financial services companies, it is also revolutionizing the way their audits are conducted.

How a quality audit enhances trust

The Sustainable Audit Quality program supports EY teams in delivering high-quality audits that improve stakeholder trust in businesses.

Is modern slavery a risk to your value chain?

Effective management of issues relating to modern slavery and human rights has become an urgent business priority.

How can your digital strategy help improve EHS outcomes?

Technological advancements are changing the nature of how EHS professionals mitigate risk, make decisions and allocate resources.

Why good corporate governance still matters in private companies

The finance leaders of two private businesses explain why strong governance is vital for them to thrive.

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    The team

    Marie-Laure Delarue

    EY Global Vice Chair — Assurance
    Agent of change. Passionate about talent. Driver of innovation. Bilingual. Enjoys wine tasting.
    Paris La Défense, FRA

    Dilek Çilingir Kostem

    EY Global Assurance Talent Leader
    Senior Assurance leader with more than 25 years of experience in Assurance and Consulting services. Passionate about diversity and inclusiveness.
    Istanbul, TUR

    Dante D’Egidio

    EY Americas Vice Chair — Assurance
    Transformative leader. Market growth driver. Strategic thinker. Avid traveler. Sports fan. Proud father of two.
    Tysons, USA

    Hermann Sidhu

    EY EMEIA Assurance Leader
    An experienced partner with a focus on driving transformation across the EMEIA Assurance services. Passionate about digital innovation and audit quality.
    London, GBR

    Mike Wright

    EY Asia-Pacific Assurance Leader
    Passionate about innovation and the future of assurance. Advocate of inclusive leadership. Avid sports participant and supporter.
    Sydney, AUS

    Hitoshi Matsuoka

    EY Asia-Pacific Deputy Assurance Leader
    Managing Partner. Opinion former with good balance. Lover of mystery books.
    Tokyo, JPN

    Ira Fitlin

    EY Global Assurance Quality Enablement Leader; Global Audit Quality Committee Chairman
    Experienced audit leader with a track record of executing high-quality audits. Passionate about data, data analytics and other emerging technologies. Enjoys time with family, golf, skiing and travel.
    New York, USA

    Marc Jeschonneck

    EY Global Assurance Digital Leader
    Focused on further accelerating the digital audit experience and driving innovation in a disruptive environment. Continuously seeks new experiences and inspiration for new ideas.
    Hamburg, DEU

    Andreas Toggwyler

    EY Global Assurance Client Technology Officer
    Trusted advisor for global financial services firms on data, technology, operations and sourcing. Devoted to family, music, sports and cooking.
    Geneva, Lancy, CHE

    Andrew Gordon

    EY Global Forensic & Integrity Services Leader
    Global Forensics Leader focusing on helping organizations build their integrity agenda so they better anticipate and mitigate risk.
    London, GBR

    Nicolas Lecoq

    EY Global Financial Accounting Advisory Services Leader
    Trusted business advisor. Global citizen. Loving husband and father. Sports enthusiast.
    Washington, DC, USA

    Matthew Bell

    EY Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader
    Climate change and sustainability leader. Engaging in purposeful change and creating long-term value for global organizations. Savvy in science and technology.
    London, GBR

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