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How can data standards unleash the future power of health data?

Learn how combining FHIR™ and openEHR optimizes interoperability to realize efficient, streamlined and meaningful exchanges of health data in the future.

14 May 2024 Erik Vermeulen

How to build a foundation in AI to accelerate health transformation

Using AI to speed health care transformation and add value will require executives to strategize current work and architect for the future. Learn more.

04 Mar 2024 Aloha McBride

How to give health consumers the access and experience they value most

The EY Global Consumer Health Survey 2023 findings suggest health executives should focus on access to care, cost and experience factors. Learn more.

06 Jun 2023 Aloha McBride

Health data’s journey in the intelligent health ecosystem

In this EY video, follow health data’s journey through the intelligent health ecosystem. Learn more.

12 Apr 2023 Aloha McBride

How innovation can unlock the power of data to deliver value-based care

Organizations have the tools to deliver a better personalized health experience, but the ecosystem needs to collaborate to build this future. Learn more.

20 Mar 2023 Pamela Spence

How to create the care models of tomorrow that are barely imaginable today

In this webcast, panelists discuss how virtual care can help health organizations confront the challenges ahead. Learn more.

15 Dec 2022 | 16:00 your local time

How the path to a sustainable health system unlocks value

In this episode, Aloha McBride and her guests explore how organizations can reduce climate impact, increase efficiencies and unburden the system. Learn more.

10 Mar 2023 32m 23s

How innovative infostructure can power the purpose of integrated care systems

Sharing organized and complete data to generate insights for better health outcomes is the driving force behind joined-up care in integrated care systems (ICSs).

18 Sep 2022 Aloha McBride + 1

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