Tax policy and controversy

Companies need a line of sight into tax policy developments and potential for future conflicts, as well as a centralized global strategy.

Our latest thinking

How to find certainty amid tax policy transformation

EY 2024 Tax Policy and Controversy Outlook explores what you should act on now and what you should keep an eye on next. Learn more.

Why ICAP participation could help with BEPS 2.0 Pillar Two compliance

A voluntary tax-risk assessment project could become an important tool for Pillar Two reporting. Learn more.

Why a 15% financial statement tax rate may not avoid global minimum tax

A 15%+ financial statement effective tax rate may not be enough to avoid global minimum tax as part of BEPS 2.0 Pillar Two. Learn more.

Why tax governance is key in an era of more tax risk and controversy

Businesses expect the number and intensity of tax audits to double in next two years, the 2023 EY Tax risk and controversy survey finds. Learn more.

How a global minimum tax will affect sustainability tax incentives

Multinationals and jurisdictions may need to rethink their sustainability tax incentives if countries adopt 15% global minimum tax rules. Learn more.

How BEPS 2.0 leads to a more integrated finance and tax function

The data challenge created by Pillar Two presents the finance and tax functions with an opportunity to future-proof their data streams. Learn more.

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