Consumer Products

Consumers are evolving faster than ever – what they buy, how they buy it, and who they buy it from are all in play.

Our latest thinking

How to balance the CPG, retail and consumer relationship

Why the changing dynamic in the CPG and retail relationship, means consumer-centricity is more important than ever to stay relevant. Find out more.

How GenAI changes the way CPG and retail operate — and consumers too

As generative AI for business takes-off so do generative AI business use cases for retail and CPG. But GenAI will change consumer behavior too. Learn more.

Optimizing business costs for high CPG growth: A strategic approach

CPG leaders can make targeted cost cuts to build resilience, navigate economic realities and ensure future brand growth. Read to learn more.

EY Future Consumer Index: when talk turns into action, be set for change

Brands must now choose sustainable packaging materials to keep goods fresh, but no solution comes without risk, investment or new partners. Learn more.

If you could meet tomorrow’s consumers today, what would you ask?

Using generative AI personas to bring to life tomorrow’s consumers today, we’re helping businesses shape preferable futures and stay relevant. Find out more.

How to serve consumers who rely on tech, but don’t trust tech

Our global research shows how digital is transforming the consumer and why relationships shaped by trust, respect and value are critical. Learn more.

Do you need a new digital path to reach the new digital customer?

Customers are changing faster than enterprises can track them. Organizations need to become more data-centric to catch up. Learn more.

Future Consumer Index: Five consumer types you need to understand

The 11th wave of the global study explores the emerging priorities that will shape future consumption patterns. Learn more.

How will the metaverse change our behavior as it reshapes experiences?

The potential impacts of the metaverse on human behavior are yet unknown, but behavioral economics can help us explore the possibilities. Find out more.

How to build supply chains that balance efficiency with resiliency

Amid the pandemic, IWS and end-to-end integration delivered supply chain resilience and growth.

Three priorities for accelerating your operating model transformation

Consumer products leaders must prioritize capabilities development as they seek to transform their operating models for the future. Learn how.

How a beverage company added refreshment to its supply chain

A lack of global integration led to wasted time, effort and money in drink production and warehousing. Thinking big produced big savings.

Is your operating model trailblazing or trail-gazing?

Consumer products leaders know they must transform their operating models. But are they transforming for today or tomorrow? Find out more.

    Consumer companies’ challenges and opportunities

    Explore how consumer company leaders embrace volatility and adversity as engines for innovation, efficiency and resilience.

    EY Future Consumer Index

    COVID-19 has transformed the lives of consumers. What do they value? What will it take to serve them? How will your business adapt?

    Sustainability insights in Consumer industries

    Consumer-facing companies have an unprecedented opportunity to shape a sustainable future. How can they seize it?

    Case studies

    How GenAI is empowering talent at a PE-backed consumer brand

    By using GenAI to remove routine tasks, a global consumer brand is harnessing the creativity of its employees and utilizing their time better. Learn more

    How a cosmetics giant’s transformation strategy is unlocking value

    Shiseido, the largest Japanese beauty company, is reimagining its functions, processes and systems to create a global operating model. Learn more.

    How a frozen-foods powerhouse kept their cool on the way to being #1

    A supply chain transformation helped a frozen-foods company keep up with demand throughout the pandemic and set the table for future growth. Learn more.

    How to launch a sustainable direct-to-consumer business in no time

    The Innovation and Experience Design practice at EY helped a Swiss cooperative identify a market niche and launch an entirely new business. Learn more.

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