Consumer products and retail strategy consulting

The EY-Parthenon consumer products and retail strategy consulting professionals help clients make the right corporate and growth strategy choices for long-term success. Business model reinvention, digital transformation, go-to-market strategy, M&A strategies, turn-arounds, and restructuring plans are some of the ways we help unlock a company’s full potential.

Scaling-up sustainability through collaboration

Learn from two of the world's biggest consumer companies on why a stakeholder ecosystem is key to accelerating sustainability.

What EY-Parthenon consumer strategy consulting team can do for you

These are extraordinary times to be a consumer-facing company. As people change how and where they shop, and what they buy, retailers, consumer products, food and agribusiness companies must also swiftly pivot. While advances in technology, data capabilities and AI are accelerating this revolution, agility is the key to controlling it. Flexibility, ingenuity, and rapid response are the new hallmarks of success for consumer products and retail.

Bold action is required. Product, portfolio and customer experience must be rethought. To deliver excellence, your operating model and supply chain also need to be carefully re-examined. And all should be done in the context of sustainability and transparency. To be in full control, leaders must help create the future, not just respond to it.

EY-Parthenon consumer and retail strategy consulting professionals can aid your business transformation as you unlock the full potential of your company. Whether you are seeking business model reinvention, a digital transformation or a re-defined go-to-market strategy, we can work with you to help make the right corporate and growth strategy choices. Whether that involves building or buying your growth, we’ll help you determine the optimal M&A strategies and integration plans to achieve sustained success. We also offer a wide-ranging assistance with turnarounds and/or restructuring strategies from rapid performance improvement to contingency planning.

Whatever the business issue, EY-Parthenon consumer strategic insights — always bespoke — are based on deep industry knowledge, years of practical experience with state-of-the-art processes and fact-based projections about your industry’s future. Let EY-Parthenon teams help you sustain your company today while you transform it for tomorrow.

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