TMT Business Resiliency Suite

The TMT Business Resiliency Suite is a collection of EY offerings around talent, organizational structure and culture, and technology that form an integrated framework for enterprise resilience, allowing Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications (TMT) companies to thrive during disruption.

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EY TMT Business Resiliency Suite (TBRS)

As a leading business in the technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications (TMT) sector, you’re at the forefront in driving innovation and disruption for your customers. Whether you’re a telecom rolling out 5G services, a media company launching a new video streaming service or a tech company with a new “as-a-service” offering, you’re fundamentally changing the way people live and work, and how businesses operate.

However, just as you are a disrupter, your own business is being disrupted every day. The effects of the pandemic — including the current shift in reimagining the workplace — are but one example of how TMT companies are subjected to external disruptive events beyond their control.

From supply chain dislocation, climate change impacts and shifting regulatory requirements to the search for talent, a greater focus on workforce equity and geopolitical tensions, the reality is that disruption is not a one-time event — it’s continuous. It’s gone from business as usual to business unusual.

TMT companies that underestimate the impact of disruption put their very futures at risk. In an unpredictable and fast-moving world, a viable response to disruption is to build enterprise resiliency. This means developing a future-focused, data-driven approach to effective decision-making and cultivating a resilient workforce and culture, especially in times of crisis.

Some TMT players are doing this already. Indeed, experience shows that those TMT companies that thrive during disruption have built a framework of resiliency across their value chains that enables them to respond to events in real time. These leaders are able to minimize the impacts of disruption on their operations, customers and bottom line — while simultaneously being better placed to take advantage of the new opportunities that disruption brings.

How can your company join this select group?

There are two steps: first, understand your business’ soft spots and vulnerabilities before disruption strikes. Second, embed data-driven decision-making so you can respond to events instantaneously — wherever the impacts occur and whatever they may be.

EY has developed a service suite specifically tailored to enable TMT businesses in achieving both steps at once. The EY TMT Business Resiliency Suite (TBRS) consists of a collection of EY offerings around talent, organizational structure and culture, and technology that form an integrated framework for enterprise resilience. Through this approach and structure, TBRS builds resilience across the entire TMT value chain by enabling continuous adaptation.

As the diagram below shows, the TBRS is founded on four core themes that contribute to enterprise resiliency. These themes provide a road map for TMT companies to put in place seven key building blocks that turn resilience from an aspiration into everyday reality across the business. The four themes are:

  • Resiliency embedded within critical business processes, such as supply chain and payroll, helps an organization keep operating on a business-as-usual basis, even during disruptive events.
  • Having an agile workforce with the knowledge, skills and technology necessary helps ensure adaptability when work or life is disrupted.
  • Mechanisms for rapid assessment and coordinated decision-making in the face of a crisis can help maximize the speed to action and minimizes impacts on operations.
  • A culture of resilience, embedded through communication and led by the “tone from the top,” can boost an organization’s ability to anticipate change and navigate successfully through uncertain times.
TMT Business Resiliency Suite

The TBRS is constructed to evolve and expand over time in response to ongoing shifts across the TMT sector. It is also designed not just to help organizations address their current resiliency needs, but to raise their sights and think holistically and strategically about how to better protect themselves against future disruptions — whatever the cause.

EY professionals have put together key building blocks for enterprise-wide resiliency to help TMT companies build a framework of resiliency across the value chain and successfully respond to events in real time. Whether the EY experience is required in just one area or all seven discussed below, our all-encompassing capabilities can help companies thrive.

1. Payroll operate and payroll continuity

Make certain of payroll continuity – payroll isn’t often viewed as a critical function. Yet, factors such as regulations, inefficient processes, inconsistent payroll processes from multiple vendors or local processes, technology acceleration and changes in workforce models make the management of payroll more challenging every day. EY payroll operate and payroll continuity managed service capabilities help companies transform and streamline their payroll through an integrated approach to the administrative, regulatory and human aspects of employee care and compensation. Our services can help reduce costs and complexity, mitigate compliance risks and help make certain of full payroll continuity even in times of crisis.

2. Resilient human resources transformation

Create an agile human resources organization – Making certain the human resources function and processes keep pace with evolving operating models is a constant challenge for many TMT companies, especially those that have historically taken a distributed approach to talent management. The resilient EY human resources transformation TBRS capability helps human resources organizations combine the right service delivery model and processes with agile systems and technologies, like the cloud and artificial intelligence.

3. Resilient talent agenda and pay equity

Achieve an equitable workplace – With social justice and equity issues rapidly gaining prominence in the minds of employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders, many TMT companies are keen to move beyond mere regulatory compliance in areas such as gender pay to focus on equity across different roles, geographies and more. The EY TBRS service suite has specific resilient talent agenda and pay equity capabilities and tools to create a culture of belonging so individuals, teams and organizations can perform to their full potential.

4. Workforce planning and management

Align workforce planning and management with strategy – The pandemic brought into focus the need for TMT companies to create the right capability and capacity at the right time to realize business goals. At the same time, longer-term structural issues, such as workforce demographic shifts and M&A integration, haven’t gone away. The EY workforce planning and management capabilities help clients better align their workforce and human capital strategies with their business strategy, leveraging insights gained from data modeling and forecasting to drive effective decision-making.

5. Culture of resilience and diversity, equity and inclusion DEI

Embed culture of resilience and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) – Organizational culture is under the spotlight as never before. In order to thrive, a TMT company’s culture must be actively nurtured and shaped as the business landscape evolves. The TBRS has capabilities specifically focused on helping companies in developing their culture and diversity programs aligned with the organization’s strategy. These capabilities can be supplemented with the EY Culture Fitness Diagnostic, a tool that includes benchmarks and trends for a client’s current culture, desired culture and prioritizes the gaps to close.

6. Distributed workforce of the future

Enable the distributed workforce of the future – TMT companies need to define a future-of-work model that enables flexibility, sustained business, and employee and community success. TBRS has powerful distributed workforce enablement capabilities that make it possible for workers to complete complex tasks from anywhere at any time using a standardized user interface. Using agile virtual connectivity and strategic alliance partners such as Microsoft, EY professionals can help companies better leverage commercially available tools to provide a robust, flexible platform that helps geographically dispersed teams achieve results and avoid risks.

7. Workplace reimagined

Reimagine the workplace – Keeping the human experience at the center, the EY physical return-to-work capabilities in TBRS can help TMT companies plan and successfully execute a measured, safe, positive transition back to a post-pandemic physical workplace and create a “new normal.” These capabilities incorporate all of the elements that this transition may involve — tax, the real estate footprint, technology, health, safety and wellness issues. These capabilities are supported by employee consultation, listening and feedback — all of which are vital in getting the transition right.

EY teams services continue to evolve, refine and expand TBRS to help TMT companies keep pace with the evolving risk and resiliency landscape. We don’t just offer siloed point solutions to specific issues, but a coherent, consistent and fully integrated service that matches the distinctive needs of TMT companies — both today and into the future. In our view, it’s this integrated and holistic approach to resiliency that sets us apart.

If you are a TMT leader, there are two principal questions you must answer: do you know where your vulnerabilities are? And do you know what you’ll do when disruption strikes? With TBRS, you’ll be able to answer both questions in the affirmative. This is where true enterprise resiliency begins.

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