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Our latest thinking

How do you steady the course of your IPO journey in a changing landscape?

EY Global IPO Trends Q1 2024 provides insights, facts and figures on the IPO market and implications for companies planning to go public. Learn more.

27 Mar 2024 George Chan

How private boards unlock value by elevating risk management

Private boards can unlock value by elevating risk management. Learn more.

12 Apr 2024 Ken Marshall

The Unstoppables: Success stories of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs

The latest EY entrepreneurship documentary, “The Unstoppables 3,” features inspiring professional and personal entrepreneur success stories. Read more.

09 Apr 2024 Stasia Mitchell

Are you harnessing the growth and resilience of private capital?

Private capital markets have been outperforming equities, offering investors opportunities of higher yields and portfolio diversification. Learn more.

04 Apr 2024 Ryan Burke

Should CEOs double-down on business transformation in the face of uncertainty?

Business transformation is front and center on the 2024 CEO agenda, the latest EY report finds. Read more.

30 Jan 2024 Andrea Guerzoni + 2

What entrepreneurial businesses should look out for in 2024

Find out how high-performing entrepreneurial businesses can escape the rollercoaster of constant strategic reprioritization.

19 Jan 2024 Peter Bos

How GenAI is reshaping private equity investment strategy

A balanced approach to investment strategy is needed to defend against GenAI disruption while also driving portfolio performance. Learn more.

16 Jan 2024 Bridget Walsh

Private Equity Pulse: key takeaways from Q4 2023

The PE Pulse is a quarterly report that provides data and insights on private equity market activity and trends. Read the latest report.

11 Jan 2024 Pete Witte

Three questions to help rethink your exit strategy now

As deal flow starts to pick up, private equity firms have an opportunity to create maximum value, but action is needed.

14 Dec 2023 Konstanze Nardi

Why successful investors focus on sustainability pre- and post-IPO

An EU directive will soon obligate companies to adopt an ESG strategy. In anticipation, pre-IPO candidates should articulate their position. Learn more.

01 Jun 2022 Martin Steinbach

How ESG disclosures impact IPO valuation

IPO valuation is positively impacted by robust ESG disclosure practices.

25 May 2022 Paul Go

How one entrepreneur seeks to make affordable health care a reality

Celltrion’s JungJin SEO shares his purpose and passion for more accessible health care. Learn more.

01 Mar 2022 EY Global

    What you need to know about SPACs

    Learn how the SPACs are investment vehicles that raise capital from investors through a traditional initial public offering (IPO) to be used later to acquire one or more target companies from our US page.

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