Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs)

No matter your role in the SPAC life cycle, your success depends on working with an experienced team that knows the landscape, opportunities and risks of the market. That’s where we come in.

What EY can do for you

Our EY professionals began focusing on SPACs more than a decade ago, well before they became a “mainstream” alternative for companies looking to access the capital markets. Since then, our integrated, independent and objective teams have assisted on more than 100 SPAC transactions and counting across various target company industries, as well as 20-plus cross-border transactions. We have been involved in 14 of the 20 highest total equity value deals completed since 2016, according to SPAC research.

Our breadth of experience encompasses transactions that involve umbrella partnership corporations (Up-Cs), carve-outs, multiple targets and other complex structures. Our deep-rooted experience and extensive history navigating the opportunities and risks of the SPAC market, combined with our market leadership in taking companies public, uniquely positions EY professionals to help SPAC sponsors and target companies evaluate opportunities, make transactions more efficient and achieve their strategic goals.

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At EY, we have a dedicated practice that supports SPACs and target company leadership teams from identification through post de-SPAC. Our breadth of experience encompasses transactions that involve Up-C, carve-outs, multiple targets and other complex transaction structures.

Throughout every phase of the SPAC life cycle, we provide independent capital markets perspectives to boards and management teams on all elements of deal preparation, process, execution and after-market considerations. Our professionals leverage decades of experience from bookrunning IPOs, SPACs and various other capital markets transactions to provide a full spectrum of advisory services across equity capital products and strategies, giving clients tailored advice and integrated, unbiased recommendations across the capital structure.

The evolutionary rise of the SPAC is transforming and reshaping our capital markets. Regardless of market conditions, we are here to help you navigate your journey.

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