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About EY-Parthenon

EY-Parthenon teams help CEOs create long-term value from strategy to execution

About EY-Parthenon

At EY-Parthenon, 9,000+ multidisciplinary professionals in teams across 120 countries help provide EY clients with corporatetransaction and turnaround strategies that are actionable, impactful and provide long-term growth.

The EY-Parthenon approach

EY-Parthenon teams believe every successful business strategy is underpinned by an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics and the competitive landscape in which it sits. EY-Parthenon teams help clients develop actionable and impactful ways to manage complex shifting challenges and transform their organizations.

By combining the experience of professionals from multiple sectors and disciplines within EY-Parthenon with that of professionals in the broader EY ecosystem, EY-Parthenon teams support clients by focusing on practical solutions that provide real-world results.

Whatever the challenges clients are facing – commercial, financial, operational, legal, risk, regulatory, or tax, both now and in the future – EY-Parthenon teams apply a variety of lenses and tech tools to find broad strategic solutions across strategy and execution to help CEOs and their teams manage complex ecosystems and realize their bold ambitions.

Explore EY-Parthenon industry-specific capabilities

Every successful business strategy is underpinned by an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics and the competitive landscape in which it sits. EY-Parthenon sector professionals can share rich and differentiated market insights, since they have both the detailed industry knowledge of today and the big-picture opportunities of sector convergence tomorrow. Learn more.

EY-Parthenon careers

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Our EY-Parthenon team

Jeff Wray

Global EY-Parthenon Leader

Passionate leader focusing on large scale opportunities in retail and consumer products. Fascinated about how products get to market. Excited about the breadth and depth of knowledge within EY.

Philadelphia, USA

John van Rossen

EY-Parthenon Global Strategy and Transactions Co-Leader

Driven by purpose and motivated to always help colleagues and clients find a better way of doing things. Fascinated by military history. Podcast addict. Curious nerd.

London, GBR

Larni de Courtenay

EY Global Transaction Strategy & Execution Leader; EY Asia-Pacific Strategy and Transactions D&I Leader

Experienced in transaction operational diligence, integrations, separations and transitions. Focuses on infrastructure, government and power and utilities. Diversity and inclusion advocate.

Sydney, AUS

Barak Ravid

EY-Parthenon Americas Leader

Energized by all things at the intersection of technology and strategy. Passionate about the strength of diverse and inclusive teams. Love sailing, biking, soccer, snowboarding. Father of three girls.

San Francisco, USA

Falco Weidemeyer

EY Global Turnaround and Restructuring Leader

Seasoned, internationally trained performance professional. CRO and turnaround manager. Experienced in consulting and industry functions. Passionate for outdoors.

Eschborn/Frankfurt (Main), DEU

Alan Hudson

UK&I EY-Parthenon Leader

Hands-on restructuring professional who thrives on leading and supporting clients through periods of transformation. Husband. Proud father. Lover of dachshunds and sport.

London, GBR

Joonyoung Byeon

EY-Parthenon Asia-Pacific Strategy Leader

More than 25 years of consulting experience focusing on the consumer and TMT sectors. Seeks to add value through a holistic approach to digital strategy, innovation and transformation.

Seoul, KOR

Vikram Chakravarty

EY Asean Strategy and Transactions Leader

Experienced strategy advisor. Thought leader in Asia business. Wine connoisseur, avid squash player, ardent cricket fan and doting father.

Singapore, SGP

Melinda Durr

EY-Parthenon Principal, Health Sciences and Wellness, Ernst & Young LLP

Experienced health care strategy consultant. Enjoys exploring her Logan Square neighborhood with her husband. Likes traveling to visit family and friends. Chicago Bulls fan.

Chicago, USA

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