How start-up collaborations can jump-start digital transformation in PE

Private equity firms can deploy new technology and create value through intentional collaboration with digital-first start-ups.

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High angle view of woman on sofa with laptop

Why customer experience should matter more to private equity firms

PE firms are realizing customer experience (CX) is one of the most compelling value creation levers available to them.

How private equity can define a business strategy for a digital world

The digital agenda has moved from the periphery to become a core focus across the private equity ecosystem.

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Three reasons private equity firms should pay attention to cybersecurity

Private equity has traditionally taken a less rigorous approach to cybersecurity than other industries—but this is starting to change.

What EY can do for you

Digital enhances experiences for customers and stakeholders, whether they are end consumers, business customers, employees, business partners or investors.      

The private equity value creation agenda has become a key driver of EBIDTA and thus overall deal exit returns, with digital both enhancing traditional value creation levers and enabling entirely new ones.

For private equity, the time has come to activate a digital strategy throughout the deal lifecycle and across the portfolio. EY can support you with the following services:

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