Electrification in mobility is gathering pace, demanding the reinvention of strategies, operating models and supply chains.

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Why there is much more to sustainability than building EVs

In this episode, Andrea Weinberger discusses why the automotive industry needs to embrace a wider sustainability agenda. Learn more.

24 Jul 2023 14m 39s

If there’s no silver bullet, can green tech hit the target?

Governments need to choose the most scalable technologies that will bridge the gap between climate ambition and climate action. Find out more.

18 Oct 2023 George Atalla + 1

What auto suppliers can learn from PE to drive their EV transition

Auto parts suppliers that have hesitated to adopt an EV strategy can learn from the bold decision-making culture of private equity firms. Learn more.

25 Jul 2023 Joern Buss + 4

How can manufacturers place innovation at the heart of transformation?

Value-driven growth requires manufacturers to put innovation and digital strategies at the heart of transformation. Learn more.

23 Jun 2023 David Takeuchi + 2

Why the eMobility ecosystem must unite to drive EV adoption

In this webcast, panelists discuss key factors that could make or break the future of eMobility. Learn more.

14 Jun 2023 | 18:30 your local time

Infrastructure advisory and consulting services

EY helps governments, regulators, and private clients with infrastructure advisory services and ESG support, aiding in strategic decision-making and sustainable project development. Learn how.

28 Feb 2023

    Explore the future digital EV ecosystem

    Data interoperability is key to improving the customer experience and accelerating EV uptake.

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