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Why climate change creates a need for better nonfinancial disclosures

There is an urgent need for the audit of the future to provide a better assessment of the climate risks faced by businesses. Learn more.

02 Aug 2021 Mathew Nelson

To combat financial fraud in Europe, strengthen every line of defense

Reinforcing the roles of auditors, companies and regulators and expanding the use of technology in the audit can minimize financial reporting fraud risk.

15 Feb 2021 Marie-Laure Delarue

Preventing and detecting fraud: how to strengthen the roles of companies, auditors and regulators

Find out why a reexamination is needed of how traditional audit procedures approach the risk of fraud.

18 Nov 2020 Marie-Laure Delarue

How to make the most of AI in corporate reporting

AI offers significant benefits to finance teams, but there are also risks that need to be mitigated. Watch the animation to learn more.

15 Oct 2020 Jeanne Boillet

How AI will enable a better understanding of long-term value

AI will be a vital tool in the next generation of company key performance indicators involving trust, culture and ESG risks. Learn more.

25 Sep 2020 Jeanne Boillet

Why it’s important to measure and report long-term value

The Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism is working to improve the way that businesses measure and report on the value they create.

10 Mar 2020 EY Reporting

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