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The EY Digital Audit uses new technology to deliver high-quality audits that serve the public interest by enhancing trust and confidence.

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Our latest thinking

Preventing and detecting fraud: how to strengthen the roles of companies, auditors and regulators

Find out why a reexamination is needed of how traditional audit procedures approach the risk of fraud.

18 Nov 2020 Marie-Laure Delarue

How AI will enable a better understanding of long-term value

AI will be a vital tool in the next generation of company key performance indicators involving trust, culture and ESG risks. Learn more.

25 Sep 2020 Jeanne Boillet

How artificial intelligence can help to measure long-term value

Companies are increasingly expected to demonstrate how they are creating long-term value, which means going beyond purely financial metrics and establishing new key performance indicators (KPIs). One of the challenges they face in doing so is accessing, and then analyzing, credible, comparable data. Artificial intelligence is proving to be a valuable tool here, as it can be used to read and analyze large volumes of data, helping to identify meaningful KPIs for

15 Jan 2020 Jeanne Boillet + 1

How digitalization impacts financial services companies and their audits

Just as technology is transforming the operations of financial services companies, it is also revolutionizing the way their audits are conducted.

13 Jan 2020 Zeynep Deldag

Why AI is both a risk and a way to manage risk

The key issues boards need to consider when implementing artificial intelligence technology.

01 Apr 2018 Jeanne Boillet

How AI will enable us to work smarter, faster

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform audit, but it will never replace the auditor.

07 Jun 2017 Jeanne Boillet

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