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Driven by people, guided by process, powered by technology. This is how we keep an eye on today while focusing on the future.

What EY can do for you

EY legal services address today’s issues and help shape the future with customized and agile strategies that span across the entire legal function. From legal advisory (where permitted) and operations to managed services, we provide the informed services the legal department needs to better enable the business and drive additional value.  With the recent acquisition of Thomson Reuters Pangea3 Legal Managed Services, EY is further broadening our ability to help corporate legal departments around the world looking for ways to transform their practice and deliver meaningful value to the business.

How EY can help

Businesses today face the dual challenge of increased costs and regulations. With pressure to do more with less, legal departments are seeking new ways to modernize the legal function to deliver meaningful value to the organization.  Increasingly, legal functions tell us they want to operate more efficiently and transparently and have insight into the data, analytics and intelligence associated with legal matters.  This enables them to become a more integrated, strategic partner aligned to the business. It can be difficult for legal departments to determine how to begin this process, where to focus, what resources can be leveraged and what success looks like. This is where EY helps.

At EY, we believe the answers lie in connectivity, creating an ecosystem that is shaped for the future.  We leverage our existing cross-function relationships and global, multidisciplinary approach to connect the right people in the right places with technology-driven workflow, weaving the legal function into the entire business process.  With multidisciplinary teams helping EY clients address business challenges beyond the legal function, we provide services for today while customizing strategies for the future.

Legal Managed Services

In-house legal functions are integrating with other functions to drive analytics, predictability and risk management as well as cost reduction and scalability. The EY Legal Managed Services team empowers process innovation and frees in-house resources to refocus on strategic priorities.

Legal Function Consulting

The legal function consulting team (LFC) helps clients transform legal processes, talent models, data, and technology strategies to drive cost-effective and innovative legal function operating models and sustainable processes. Clients are supported from the analysis and design phases through full implementation. The LFC team helps clients navigate that change effectively and improve the performance of their legal function through the strategic deployment of people, process and technology. Services include:

  • Strategy and operating model
  • Process improvement
  • Technology and innovation
  • Data strategy and reporting

EY member firms do not practice law where not permitted by local law or regulation.

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