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How legacy programs can drive environmental change

In this XE Talks webcast, panelists discuss environmental programs that deliver lasting, sustainable impact. Learn more.

Why consumer confidence is critical to a country’s EV transition

EY Global analysts Anuj Chandna and Angsuman Sharma discuss the latest EY Annual Electric Vehicle Country Readiness Index report. Learn more.

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How to create a sustainable future for the automotive sector

In this webcast, panelists discuss the growing importance of ESG considerations in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. Learn more.

How understanding consumer mindsets can drive EV enthusiasm

Gaurav Batra and Menaka Samant, from the EY Global Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility team, illustrate the latest trends in mobility landscape. Learn more.

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Why there is much more to sustainability than building EVs

In this episode, Andrea Weinberger discusses why the automotive industry needs to embrace a wider sustainability agenda. Learn more.

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How organizations can actively embrace diversity, equity and inclusion

EY leaders Kevin Muskat and Darcy Cowell, Corey Clark from Toyota and Kelvin Sellers of Interstate Batteries talk about DE&I. Learn more.

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How product innovation is proving to be a differentiator in mobility

EY Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Analyst Avinash Sagar shares key updates from the third quarter earnings calls. Learn more.

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Why human interaction remains essential to the car buying journey

The dealership retains a crucial role for buyers of EVs and ICE cars. Learn four key themes that emerged from the latest EY Mobility Consumer Index. Read more.

What auto suppliers can learn from PE to drive their EV transition

Auto parts suppliers that have hesitated to adopt an EV strategy can learn from the bold decision-making culture of private equity firms. Learn more.

How mapping the evolving consumer mindset is key to EV mass market appeal

Learn more on how mapping the evolving consumer mindset is key to EV mass market appeal in the latest EY Mobility Consumer Index report.

How can manufacturers place innovation at the heart of transformation?

Value-driven growth requires manufacturers to put innovation and digital strategies at the heart of transformation. Learn more.

Why European defense is at a crossroads

Four new factors are fundamentally changing the assumptions that have shaped the defense industry for at least a decade. Learn more.

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Why the eMobility ecosystem must unite to drive EV adoption

In this webcast, panelists discuss key factors that could make or break the future of eMobility. Learn more.

How Europe can scale its public charging infrastructure for EV markets

Explore why investors, CPOs, governments and automotive OEMs must collaborate to scale public charging infrastructure in Europe.

How motor racing is accelerating toward action on climate change

Learn how EY has helped Extreme E turn its sustainability ambitions into action in this case study.

How manufacturers can adapt for success amid rising geopolitical uncertainty

To thrive in an increasingly volatile world, manufacturing leaders must make strategic moves that enhance agility and resilience. Learn how.

Transforming data to drive resilience and trust with Microsoft

With Microsoft, EY teams helped transform customer relationship management for an automotive manufacturer by placing people at the center. Learn more.

As eMobility accelerates, can utilities move EVs into the fast lane?

As eMobility accelerates faster than ever envisaged, we must design and invest in future capabilities to keep EVs on the road. Find out more.