Automotive retail transformation

Automotive retail is undergoing major change as automakers work to transform the customer experience, drive loyalty and boost market share.

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What auto suppliers can learn from PE to drive their EV transition

Auto parts suppliers that have hesitated to adopt an EV strategy can learn from the bold decision-making culture of private equity firms. Learn more.

25 Jul 2023 Joern Buss + 4

Why decarbonization alone won’t make automotive companies sustainable

Long-term success for making automotive companies sustainable is about engaging positively with a wider ESG agenda. Read more.

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Why EV’s future is bright despite economic and geopolitical headwinds

EY Global AM&M analysts Anil Valsan and Anuj Chandna discuss the EY Mobility Lens Forecaster Suite and the future of EVs. Learn more.

13 Apr 2023 13m 15s

How electric vehicles are reshaping the car buying journey

The latest EY Mobility Consumer Index shows that digital auto retail is being driven by the rise of the electric vehicle. Learn more.

07 Nov 2022 Randall Miller + 3

EY Unstoppables: Three entrepreneurs share inspiring success stories

The latest EY entrepreneurship documentary, “The Unstoppables 3,” features inspiring professional and personal entrepreneur success stories. Read more.

20 Oct 2022 Stasia Mitchell

How data is bringing transparency to the car customization process

EY helped one of the world’s leading luxury automotive companies overcome some of the industry’s most complex issues.

16 Dec 2020 Brian Moore + 2