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Building a better working world for governments and citizens.

Our latest thinking

How grant administrators can get the best outcome from their funds

How to achieve the best outcomes from grant funding. Experts from EY and beyond discuss this issue in episode 2 of Granting the Future. Learn more.

08 Nov 2023 14m 55s

How to get grant funding to those most in need

Professionals from EY and other organizations discuss how to ensure grants reach those most in need. Learn more.

08 Nov 2023 14m 58s

How grants can deliver impact in complex and changing environments

How to manage complex grant programs to maximize impact. Experts from EY and beyond discuss this issue in episode 3 of Granting the Future. Learn more.

08 Nov 2023 16m 15s

How to use technology to broaden access and measure the impact of grants

Unlock the power of technology to gain greater value from grants. Government experts discuss this issue in episode 4 of Granting the future. Learn how.

08 Nov 2023 19m 2s

How can workers find their place in the green economy?

The push toward a fossil-free and just transition will shape a new era of economic growth and a landscape of new jobs. Find out more.

08 Nov 2023 George Atalla + 1

How Cape Town became a world leader in water reduction

The Mayor of Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis, discusses how his city is overcoming water scarcity in this episode of The city citizen podcast. Learn more.

28 Nov 2023 16m 38s

    Digital and innovation in government

    COVID-19 forced governments to digitize fast. By building on that progress, they can transform how they work and improve life for citizens.

    EU institutions

    Find out how EY is working with the European Union to create long-term value in Europe and beyond.

    The team

    George Atalla

    EY Global Government & Public Sector Leader

    Working with governments to address complex issues and build a better working world.

    Washington, DC, USA

    Arnauld Bertrand

    EY Global Government & Public Sector Consulting Leader

    Working with governments to build stronger administrations for impactful public policies. Passionate about leading teams to guide public performance, innovation and service.

    Paris La Défense, FRA

    Andrew Phillips

    EY Global Government & Infrastructure Economics, Finance, and Tax Leader; Co-Director, Quantitative Economics & Statistics (QUEST), Ernst & Young LLP

    Economist. Seasoned traveler. Novice CrossFitter.

    Washington, DC, USA

    Amanda Evans

    EY Global Government and Infrastructure Leader and Oceania Markets Leader, Strategy and Transactions

    Sector leader in strategy & transactions. 20 years’ working in service system design. Passionate about helping disadvantaged groups. Lives outside Melbourne in wine country. Likes horse riding.

    Melbourne, AUS

    Catherine Friday

    EY Global Education Leader; EY Oceania Managing Partner, Government and Health Sciences

    Improving how governments work and deliver services. Mustang owner. Keen horse rider. Average but enthusiastic skier.

    Melbourne, AUS

    Chris Lewis

    EY Global Infrastructure Leader, Government & Public Sector

    Dedicated to developing sustainable infrastructure. Key advisor to build the future projects that help enable the energy transition. Dad to two teenage boys and mediocre squash player.

    London, GBR

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