At EY, we have been able to bring a huge amount of digital innovation to the audit. We have effectively digitalized the end-to-end audit process. This enhances the way we look at risk, reduces the burden on clients, and delivers operational benefits and higher-quality audits.

This starts with EY Canvas. EY Canvas is the first totally online platform in the profession. Hosted on the EY private cloud, it connects our audit professionals with clients, wherever the audit occurs.

It allows our teams seamlessly to navigate, coordinate, manage and drive a consistent audit globally, irrespective of size, complexity or location. It also helps us to meet the expectations and evolving needs of businesses, regulators and investors.

We have developed EY Canvas to help our auditors focus on risks and our responses to those risks. Fundamentally, it helps auditors spend less time on the administration of an audit and more time on the areas that matter most.

EY Canvas helps us to communicate a centralized plan to participating teams across the globe, as well as the day-to-day tracking and management of the execution of audit work. Greater transparency allows us to capture, flag and share global audit findings as they arise.

Summary of EY Canvas benefits:

  • One globally seamless audit delivered by teams linked through one global methodology and one online global audit platform
  • Better response, allowing findings to be reported promptly
  • Centralized planning and monitoring of the global audit, providing enhanced capability to the primary team
  • Quick customization of the audit approach to make relevant changes across all geographies and to be responsive to the ever-evolving regulatory environment
  • Real-time monitoring of the audit, thereby capturing, flagging and sharing global audit findings as they arise
  • Streamlined client communications via its integrated online portal
  • Improved project management and ability to monitor key milestones in the audit

EY Canvas Client Portal

EY Canvas Client Portal is integrated into EY Canvas and connects our clients directly with the audit team. This streamlines clients’ communications, and client teams can monitor the progress of audit requests in real time.

Summary of EY Canvas Client Portal:

  • Reduction of email requests and improved means of communication with our clients, saving them time when supporting the audit
  • On-demand visibility into the status of audit requests, improving project management
  • Reduced risk of duplicate requests by integrating them directly into EY Canvas
  • Better security of client data and automated uploading into EY Canvas, creating confidence that data has been properly delivered to EY
  • Multi-language support, with the online portal available in 10 languages

EY Canvas Mobile Application suite

In addition, the EY Canvas Mobile Application suite allows our people to support our clients on the go. This suite enables our auditors to get updates on audit status, manage their tasks, capture evidence and update clients easily.

EY Canvas Mobile Applications:

We have given careful thought to how we can best integrate mobile technology with EY Canvas, and have developed three mobile apps that help to save our people and clients' time and deliver a more efficient experience.

EY Canvas Engage helps us keep the audit moving and meet deadlines by displaying the actions required on an engagement. Its user-friendly display allows our people to view their specific tasks instantly and focus on those. It’s a great way for team members who are traveling or in various locations to review documents on the move. It also saves our clients' time in supporting the audit, since the camera feature allows our people to capture audit evidence and securely upload it into EY Canvas. This evidence is not stored on the camera rolls of smartphones.

EY Canvas Inventory allows our people to record their inventory counts on their mobile device and upload them directly into EY Canvas.

EY Canvas Pulse allows our people to provide real-time status updates to their clients on the go, thanks to the instant visibility of engagement status, timelines and team performance.

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