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Finance remote close toolkit

Finance remote close toolkit

Practical steps and guidance for а successful remote finance close process during business disruption and crisis

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COVID-19: EMEIA EY Government Support Package, Bulgaria

Governments around the world are acting decisively to protect their businesses and people from the economic disruption being caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Explore the local support and who can help out.

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COVID-19: EMEIA EY Government Support Package

COVID-19 and a series of webinars on its business implications

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EY again rated #1 most attractive professional services employer by Universum and climbs “World’s Best Workplaces” list

LONDON, 4 October 2019. EY has been named the #1 professional services employer for the fourth consecutive year in Universum’s 2019 “World’s Most Attractive Employers” annual ranking – moving up one place on 2018 to become the second most attractive employer overall.

4 Oct 2019

New binding rules for documenting related-party transactions

SOFIA, 16 August 2019. The arm’s length nature of cross-border related-party transactions, that exceed certain materiality thresholds, should be documented in a transfer pricing file.

7 Oct 2019

The time is running out to update your internal AML rules

The long-awaited results of the AML national risk assessment are finally here

11 Feb 2020 Svetlin Adrianov


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