Disruption forces energy companies to innovate, review investment strategies, develop greater digital capabilities and consider collaborations outside the industry.

Thierry Mortier

EY Global Digital & Innovation Lead for Energy

Innovative and creative leader. Curious accelerator and visionary. Technology enthusiast interested in emerging technologies, eMobility and green tech.

Thierry is the EY Global Digital & Innovation Lead for Energy. He helps energy companies develop new business models, growth strategies and ecosystems, supporting them through the energy transition and beyond. Thierry champions emerging technologies, such as robotics, blockchain, AI, augmented and virtual reality, and IoT, as the digital foundations for innovation. 

As energy innovation goes hand in hand with the electrification of transport, Thierry also leads the EY cross-sector, go-to-market solution for eMobility.

Thierry brings his extensive experience of the power and utilities sector to clients across a wide range of industries, including oil and gas. He applies his insights and know-how across innovation management, venturing, emerging technologies, digital strategy and transformation to position them at the forefront of the energy transition. 

Thierry earned master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Management Consultancy from Ghent University and Erasmus University, respectively, as well as a postgraduate degree in Corporate Finance from KU Leuven.

How Thierry is building a better working world

“I am passionate about helping clients in traditional or carbon-intensive industries find more innovative, sustainable approaches that move them toward decarbonization.

I work with companies to co-create these technologies and put them into practice, with a focus on execution — at EY, we call it the Innovation Realized approach.

For me, emerging technologies are like a sixth sense that can help human beings become more effective and more accurate — not replace them.”

Thierry’s latest thinking

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