Operating model transformation

In Consumer products and retail

A future-fit operating model transformation based on five interconnected design elements: dynamic ecosystems, digital DNA, talent flexibility, innovation platform, and enduring purpose designed to support both immediate and long-term value amid market disruptions and changing consumer preferences.

Your business challenge

Consumer products companies’ operating models must support a portfolio of existing and evolving business models. It should help you move faster, change direction more easily, create different partnerships, make smarter use of data, and deploy the capabilities and talent you need, where they can make the biggest improvement to performance.

So, how do you optimize the operating model you have today, while building what’s right for the future?

  1. How do you make the fundamental shift from enterprise-centric operations to one optimized for a dynamic ecosystem of integrated partners?
  2. How do you integrate insights across the value chain to drive better and faster decision-making?
  3. What is the right mix of organizational capabilities required to deliver future relevancy?
  4. How do you embed innovation into your company culture?
  5. How does your purpose, reflect and deliver on, the diverse needs of your stakeholders?

Solution benefits

A redesigned operating model will help you deliver your existing business model while developing and supporting the broad spectrum of new strategies and innovations that future success requires:

  • Consumer intimacy: Increased consumer understanding will help to proactively anticipate market needs and create long-term relationships with your consumers.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Achieve lower cost of operations by optimizing current processes and systems and increase utilization through capabilities pooling. Get to market faster with new products through established platforms to ideate, test, pilot and scale grounded in data and analytics.
  • Capability access: Market-based collaborations are enabled through internal and external ecosystem capabilities and trusted information exchanges. Increased agility will develop from the right mix of human, machine, and ecosystem capabilities.
  • New revenue streams: Leverage in-house and ecosystem partners to develop new and multiple business models. Achieve long-term value through building and activating a pipeline of ideas aligned with the purpose of your business.

Solution features and functionality

We help you create the vision you need, assess where you are and navigate your way forward.

The transformation journey to the right future-fit operating model for your organization must be aligned to five key design elements that will foster profitable agility and scalable innovations, enable real-time decision-making, and reimagine how your people work, with your organization’s purpose at the core.

Each design element should not be considered in a vacuum. Integrating them will be critical to building an operating model that is adaptive and supports continuous pivots in the business

Why EY

We’re working with leaders across the consumer products industry to redesign their operating models and build them faster. Aligned to five interdependent design elements, your future-fit operating model will support the plurality of new business models that sustained success requires.


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