Digital tax administration services

New digital technologies have caught many companies off guard. Through EY Digital Tax Administration Services, we help taxpayers navigate the increasing number of taxation authorities globally that use technology to collect, verify, audit and assess tax faster and more objectively.

What EY can do for you

As a result of limited resources and increasing demands to close revenue gaps, governments around the world are ramping up their technology and analytics capabilities at a rapid and steady pace. Tax authorities are using advanced digital platforms to enable real-time or near real-time collection and analysis of detailed taxpayer data — often at the transactional level. This includes, but is not limited to, crossreferencing underlying source data to the related tax fi lings, running data through increasingly sophisticated analytics and sharing data and insights, sometimes cross-border, with other authorities and agencies.

The focus is moving from the tax return to the data itself

The lack of visibility and oversight across multiple data transmissions to multiple jurisdictions can leave companies open to the risk of additional audit assessments, increased tax penalties and delayed refunds. Our new suite of Digital Tax Administration Services (DTAS) can help you close the readiness gap and effectively prepare for, implement and manage these new reporting demands. Being prepared for digital tax administration will be good for business now and in the future.

2020 Tax Technology and Transformation Survey report

Our 2020 survey of 100 of the largest multinational companies finds that tax functions are investing heavily to close a data and technology gap.

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