How can data standards unleash the future power of health data?

In this video, learn how combining FHIRTM and openEHR optimizes interoperability for streamlined exchanges of health data in the future.

With the never-ending evolution of technology and medical treatments, interpreting the future value and significance of health data is a daunting task.

To position health organizations for the future, standards must be applied based on the specific needs they were designed for, and they can be used for different functionalities when combined.

By combining FHIRTM (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) and openEHR, organizations can harness the best of both worlds, deriving FHIRTM messages from openEHR data models. With openEHR, an open data layer can be created, using FHIRTM to optimize interoperability.

This approach brings health systems closer to realizing efficient, streamlined, and meaningful exchanges of health data in the future.


FHIRTM and openEHR data standards combine to optimize future health data interoperability.

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